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Oh my word!  I had so much fun posting and looking at teacher pics on Instagram today!  If you've joined the fun, leave your Instagram name for me to follow.  You can find me at http://instagram.com/teachingmaddeness

I have a feeling I'll be posting pics daily!

I love when I come across one of those "rare-never-heard-of-before" teacher resource companies.  Especially when it's a gem like Gallopade.

Earlier in the year, when we were doing biographies, I was searching for some age-appropriate books for some of the famous people my students wanted to learn about that I didn't already have books about in my classroom library.

Let's face it.  It can be tough to find age-appropriate biographies that have enough information to be valuable.  I find that most books are geared toward K-1 or 4+.  Upon my Google search, I stumbled upon these wonderful little books from Gallopade.

I love that they contain so much good information, but at the perfect reading level for most of my kiddos.  I also love that they include a glossary and a "pop quiz" at the back.  Each page also has a puzzle (word searches, codes, scrambled words, etc.) to keep students engaged and to teach them additional information!

The great news is that they are only a couple bucks a piece since they are consumable!  And, they have them on TONS of people - I'm talking the traditional people studied in classrooms (Amelia Earhart, George Washington, etc.) to more recent and/or rare biographies like Michelle Obama, Harry Connick Jr., or the Ringling Brothers).  Click here for the 1,000 Readers List.

As if that isn't enough...they also have amazing Digital Readers available for biographies.  These are awesome for whole group lessons during your biography study - a book for your interactive board!  They combine digital books with video clips (of kids just like your students giving important facts) and the puzzles/quizzes that similar to those in the 1,000 Readers.  The Digital Readers also have a Vocabulary Builder Section and a Pop Quiz.

Don't take my word for it though, try it out yourself!  Gallopade has been kind enough to let me offer you a FREE Digital Reader of Benjamin Franklin.  Just follow the directions below to access it!

To access a trial digital reader (Benjamin Franklin), just go to http://www.mywowboard.com
Then, click the "login" tab at the top.  

Enter the username (case sensitive): DRdemo12
Password: readerdemo12

Next, look to the left in the "My Programs" sidebar and click on "Ben Franklin Demo" (but notice that there's an activity sheet you can print, too!)

Try it out with your kids and see how much they love it!

Of course, after this discovery, I had to search their site a bit more.  That's when I discovered some of their awesome Mystery Series.  Always, looking to expand my genre possibilities, I wanted to test out the "Masters of Disasters" series - what a great way to combine this genre with our study of weather!  These chapter books are perfect for my higher-leveled readers and I think they'll really engage those students who prefer non-fiction over fiction....they'll still get a bit of those "facts" hidden in the story!

One of my favorite things about these books are that they include TONS of valuable information at the back to use in the classroom, like...

1) Book Club Questions
2) Ways to Bring the Book to Life (project ideas)
3) Scavenger Hunt
4) Pop Quiz
5) Glossary
6) Trivia

If you spend a little time browsing around this site, you'll see lots of other amazing resources!  And, be sure to check out their CATALOG to find new resources, like their cool write-on/wipe-off United States maps!

You can win any of the products listed above - you choose....
1. 1,000 Reader Biographies
2. Digital Reader
3. Masters of Disasters Mysteries
4. Write-On/Wipe-Off U.S. Maps

To enter, simply follow Gallopade on Facebook by clicking HERE.   Then, come back and leave a comment with the following....

1) Your product of choice
2) Your email
3) Your Facebook follow name

I'll select the winner on Saturday! 


  1. What a cool resource! I think the 1000 Reader Biographies sound great!
    I liked Gallopade on FB and my FB name is Liz Langhoff.
    Teaching in the Valley

  2. I would love the biographies! They look AWESEOME!!
    I liked them on the FB and my name is Melissa Hoopingarner


  3. These are awesome! :) I love the 1000 Reader Biographies.
    I liked Gallopade and my FB name is Meagan Jo.

    Buzz Around in Second Grade

  4. I like them in Facebook! Erika Reyes. Also, I have NO idea how I can choose between the biographies and the mysteries! Too many good choices. If I win, then I'll have to make a decision for real.

  5. It does look like a great resource! Fb name is Dinah Ely. AND I just joined instagram...you can find me here http://instagram.com/thetravelingclassroom

    Now off to look at all those Instagram pics:)

  6. I would love the weather mysteries! My FB name is Becky Atwood (rebecca.atwood@gmail.com) I'm going to go check out their site now!

    Lesson Plans & Lattes

  7. I love these resources from Gallopade and I especially love the 1000 Biographies. My FB name is Kris Wolff Davis Ferretti and my e-mail is kferretti@peachtreeacademy.com.

    Kris Ferretti

  8. Thanks for the opportunity! I'd love the biographies. My email: commonthreads@me.com. Facebook: What I Have Learned.

  9. What great resources! Thanks for sharing about them. I really like the Masters of Disaster Mysteries. I want to read one!

    I follow Gallopade on FB under: Andrea Kornfeind


  10. This looks like a great site for reading materials. I followed FB under: Jennifer Hamada. I would really like the Masters of Disasters Mysteries. My email is jenniferhamada1@gmail.com ;)


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