Seasonal Big Poems for Grades 2-4

Are you a teacher looking for a way to incorporate weekly poems into your curriculum while also focusing on reading strategies? Look no further! Our monthly poem work series is designed to meet the needs of teachers who want to provide their students with engaging, seasonal poetry activities that focus on a variety of reading skills.

Each packet contains four original poems per month, along with eight activities for each poem. These activities include


reading with expression

making connections

grammar fun

writing response

handwriting practice

word work

and comprehension checks

Plus, the digital version includes a fluency tracker and a YouTube link to listen to the poem.

Our weekly routine explanation and sample pictures of all activities included in the packet make it easy for you to implement the poetry activities into your classroom. The full-page and half-page copies of the original poems provide flexibility for different learning styles and classroom needs.

Say goodbye to scrounging around for weekly poems that are geared more towards K/1st grade. Our packets are specifically designed to provide a reading strategies focus that is appropriate for students in grades 2-4.

Don't miss out on this fantastic resource for your classroom as it grows! It is a growing bundle which means, you not only save 25%, but you receive all future additions FREE. This means the $72 bundle can be purchased today for only $9, but that price will increase as future months are added!


Bringing the Neighborhood Tradition of 'You've Been Booed' to Your School Staff Each Month

When it comes to boosting staff morale, there's nothing quite like a little surprise and some friendly competition. That's why I'm excited to introduce a new staff exchange tradition: "You've Been Surprised!"

For those unfamiliar with the tradition, "You've Been Booed" is a neighborhood game where one person leaves a small gift and a poem on a neighbor's doorstep, along with a sign that says "You've Been Booed." The recipient then hangs the sign in their window and pays the game forward by leaving gifts and signs for two more neighbors.

I've created a monthly staff exchange pack that includes everything you need to kick off this fun tradition at your school - no matter the month! Each month, the pack includes four pages: an instruction page with gift ideas for that specific month, a direction page to pass along with your gift, a poem to add a festive touch, and a sign for the recipient to hang on their window or door.

The themes for each month are designed to align with holidays and seasons, making it easy to incorporate into your school's calendar. January is "You've Been SNOWED," February is "You've Been HUGGED," March is "You've Been PINCHED," April is "You've Been EGGED," May is "You've Been SHINED," June is "You've Been SPLASHED," July is "You've Been SPARKLED," August is "You've Been SCHOOLED," September is "You've Been SCHOOLED" or "You've Been SPICED," October is "You've Been GHOSTED," November is "You've Been GOBBLED," and December is "You've Been JINGLED."

One of the best things about this tradition is that it's completely optional. If a staff member doesn't want to participate, they can simply post an "opt-out" sign (included) on their door or window. This allows staff to choose to participate when they're feeling extra festive and want to spread some cheer without feeling obligated.

I can't wait to see how this tradition brings your staff together and adds a little extra excitement to your school community. Happy "Surprising!"

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