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Thank you for your interest in my teaching resource shops. I am co-owner of a Primary and an Intermediate shop, so there's something for everyone!

Teacher's Clubhouse
(primary teaching resources and classroom themed resources)
Click above to visit our shop's website where you will find all PDF resources sold individually for $0.99 each, or you can purchase them in a bundled unit for half-price!

 Shop on TpT often?  We're making it easy for above to follow us on TpT where you can find our bundled units.  Want our individual resources?  Just visit our original site to snag those!

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Lightbulb Minds
(intermediate teaching resources)
Are you a teacher of grades 4-6?  Click above to visit our Intermediate shop!  Just like our Primary site, you'll find all PDF resources for $0.99 each, or half-price in our bundled units!

Find LM on TpT....just click above!  You will be able to purchase all of our bundled units with your TpT gift certificates and/or credits at this shop!

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Read on if you'd like to know the "backstory" of our shops....

For those of you who are just "meeting" me through my blog, let me give you a little back story.  I've been a part of the online teaching world for many years (just a little late to blogging!)  I was lucky enough to be one of the very first members of a great group of teachers who shared ideas and resources on a message board called "Second Grade Teachers Club."  I made some wonderful friendships there and those teachers became a tremendous resource to me (many of which are bloggers now!) We shared ideas, resources, successes, and vents! While, I loved sharing all of the resources I created on the message board or my class website, it soon became very time consuming answering all of the emails requesting items, tweaks, etc, but I tried to keep up the best I could!  After all, I wanted to give back to the amazing teachers who were sharing their own ideas and tips with me.

Shortly after, I found another amazing teacher closer to home and was lucky enough to work side by side with her for a short time.  We soon found that we shared a passion for creating resources for our students and wanted to share our work with others.  At that time, there was no TpT, or even blogs, so we set out to create our own site where teachers could download any of our resources in one spot, at a click of a button.  Our class websites couldn't hold all of our files, so we hired a website designer, subscribed to a download system, and began offering our resources for a minimum price ($0.99 for all pdfs - half price if purchased in a bundled unit) to help pay for this service. (Some even referred to us as the iTunes of teaching!)

Years later, a lot has changed.  Everyone is now creating and selling their teaching resources online and sites such as TpT have taken all of the "legwork" out of the process for newcomers; however, Catherine and I are still loving every moment of the process and we're proud to have built our store from the "ground up" and been pioneers in the online teaching world.

We do, however, want to make life easy for YOU, our fellow teachers and those who have been loyal users of our resources since the beginning.  This is why we have decided to start a Teacher's Clubhouse store on TpT.....think of it as one stop shopping.  If you're already shopping there, you can pick up our units without even leaving!  However, you can still drop by the Clubhouse for our full selection of primary resources, or our newer site, Lightbulb Minds for intermediate resources. 

New to our shops?  We do not sell lesson plans because we know that YOU are the only one who knows your students and could plan for their individual needs.  We truly believe that there is not "one plan that fits all," so even our lesson plans are constantly evolving.  But, what we do offer are engaging activities and resources that will supplement and enrich your lesson plans, including games, PowerPoints, projects, assessments, and more!  We also accept custom-work orders to create resources that are made specifically for the needs of your classroom!

We would love for you to check out our stores and to come follow us on TpT and Facebook.  We look forward to sharing ideas with you in the virtual teaching world!
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