Halloween Fun in the Classroom

Want to keep your students engaged in learning throughout the month of October?  My new Roam the Room Pack will help you integrate Halloween Fun with rigorous learning.  Let's take a peek..

This set includes 5 ELA and 5 Math Roam the Room activities.  Each activity includes 20 cards, a cover page, a recording sheet, and an answer key.  This pack also includes an interactive Table of Contents, making it a breeze for YOU, the teacher.

You can find the entire pack in my TpT shop HERE.  And, I'm giving one away on my Facebook page right now (winner announced Monday) and one HERE on my blog (at the end).

Here's a closer look at each set included in this pack.
The witch has switched pronouns in sentences and students have to help switch them back to the right pronouns!

Students have to identify abbreviations (think months of the year and abbreviations commonly used in addresses/friendly letters) in order to get the brooms to fly!

Students will record the missing verb tense on each piece of candy corn.

Students will be wrapped up in homophones as they choose the correct words to complete sentences.

Students will practice writing dates three different ways - using words, using abbreviations, and using numbers.

Students will work to find the missing numbers that "vanished" to help balance equations.

Students will find the missing digits on number lines that count by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's through three-digit numbers.

Students will practice writing times to the half-hour and quarter-hour in different ways (ex. half-past one, one thirty, 1:30).

Students find the missing equation to complete the fact family.

 Students identify the place and the value of underlined digits in two- and three-digit numbers.

Want to WIN this set?  Just leave a comment below with your email address and an idea of what I should be for Halloween this year!  I've done witch, pirate, zombie, 80s girl, vampire...I need new ideas! :)  I'll pick a winner on TUESDAY!  Good luck! 

And, here's a FREEBIE for everyone!  Hop over to my shop to pick it up!  It even works if you can't celebrate Halloween in your classroom. :) 


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