Sundays in the South: Carrie Underwood & The Coundown Is On!

Oh, Sunday - can you just last forever? :)  It's definitely been a typical Sunday around here....breakfast at Cracker Barrel - check, trip to Target - check, trip to Lowe's - check, a little racing - check, me doing computer work while hubby works in the yard - check! 

I FINALLY got my Poetry Pizzazz unit finished's a little something to add some pizzazz to teaching those poetic devices during your poetry unit - it just might be one of my favorite all-time units.  Or perhaps I'm just excited about having lots of craftivities to keep students motivated these days!  Either way, they are going to be FANTASTIC for our end-of-poetry celebration!

Here's a sneak peek at one....

I hope to have this unit proofed and up THIS WEEK so that y'all can grab it for your poetry units, if you want! I'll keep you posted!

Amidst this crazily busy week, I did sneak in time for a concert!!!  It was here in my hometown....Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes!  I've always loved some Carrie, but I am officially obsessed with her now!, I want to BE Carrie Underwood.  The hair, the legs, the skin, the wardrobe, the VOICE, the sweetness, the humility.....she's flawless y'all! 

And that little Hunter wonder those teen girls were going crazy.  He's a cutie and he's totally bringing ROCK to country music!
I'll admit, I went for the FASHION SHOW just as much as the music. :)  Do you notice that she is wearing fingerless gloves with every outfit??  I'm dying to help her bring those back! #80s #madonna
One of the coolest parts was when part of the stage lifted up and these hot air balloon-type balls carried it across the entire floor of the arena so that everyone had a close up experience!
She may be a little "glam" for country normally, but she still rocked her Willie Nelson T-shirt and daisy dukes! ;)

If you get a chance to see her live, I highly recommend it.  I'm totally convinced that she has the BEST VOICE in all of country music!  It was AMAZING!

How many does of school do YOU have left?  We're almost ready to start our ABC Countdown which starts with 26 days left!  We start with the letter A and do a little something special all the way until the last day, Z!  Most of the activities only take a few minutes, but boy do the kids look forward to them!  This unit has a calendar to send home with students with each of the activities listed, as well as activity pages that are needed for some of the activities - many of them don't require recording sheets.  I'm looking forward to getting this started this year!  What do you look forward to at the end of the year?


  1. I wasn't at the concert but I have lots of friends that were there and they all said she was FABULOUS!! Love that she rocked the Willie shirt! Only in the south! ;)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Every time I see her I wonder how she (and her hair) looks so perfect all the time!

    Literacy Spark

  3. I can't wait to check out your Poetry Pizzazz! That ant looks too cute!

  4. I totally want to BE Carrie Underwood, too. I mean, really. I really do. I'm so glad you got to go but sort of jealous. Of course with all those picture, I can pretend I went. But, I'm definitely planting the seed to the hubs that I want to go the next time she's in Atlanta.

    We do an ABC Countdown, too, but it looks like yours is waaaaay more put together!! Super fun!
    Collaboration Cuties

  5. Ok. I'm officially jealous of your amazing seats you keep getting for these fabulous concerts!! Tell me your secret!! ;-)
    ideas by jivey
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  6. Okay you are seriously one of the coolest teachers I follow. I am an Elementary Education major and I am always looking for ideas. Do you have any advice for a student about to graduate college and get her own classroom?
    Paige Van Meter


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