Budding Bloggers Showcase: Third Grade & Lovin' It

It's Wednesday, y'all....you know what that means!!  We're halfway through the work week AND it's time to showcase another blogger....Mandi is a brand new blogger herself and was just moved to 3rd grade over Christmas break!!!!  I can't even imagine changing grades in the MIDDLE of the school year.  Read on to find out more about her and then hop on over to her blog and give her a follow. :)

Hi ya'll!! {I'm from Texas......we say ya'll} :)

My name is Mandi and I'm the loud and southern twang behind Third Grade & Lovin' It! 

I teach 3rd grade in Texas {NOT one of the 45 states, the District of Columbia, and 4 territories that have adopted the Common Core State Standards.......which makes shopping on TpT that much more.......interesting}.  I am married to the love of my life, Jerramy and we have 3 fabulous kiddos {Jordon-15, Caitlyn-10 and Jaci- 11 months!}.  We love a challenge......what can I say?!?  We live out in the country and have 3 Siberian huskies.  Our pets are our other furry children :)

I am departmentalized and teach only math and science to 41 "thirdsters".  I can't decide which is better: teaching only math and science to 41 students or teaching it ALL to 22 students???  I have only taught 3rd grade since January.  I started out in 1st grade, but my principal saw an opportunity to "move me up" and I took it.  My principal knew I wanted an older grade level and had enough faith in me to do so.  Let's hope that all works out ;)

I have always wanted to teach math, so this position is a dream job for me.  For me, math has always come easy and I have always enjoyed learning about  numbers.  It's the universal language.  I love, LOVE, love me some math!!!  If you walked into my classroom, announced or not, you would see a multitude of things going on at once.  During our math workshop, we do stations.  You would see me at my guided math table with my small groups (grouped by ability).  You would see another group working with hands on activities/manipulatives to enhance their understanding of a concept we had just learned or reviewed.  You would see another group working independently on problem-solving, using our strategies and our "Look, Know, Solve" strategy boxes.  My last group would be practicing their math facts with some sort of technology or game. I use lamps and try to avoid those awful florescent lights!  This seems to create a calming atmosphere for my rather rambunctious kiddos.  You will hear some music in the background and hopefully, you'll see some light bulbs going off {visible only to the "teacher" eye!}.  We are very, very busy in room 14!  Lots to do, lots to learn :)

When I am having one of "those" days......you all know what days I'm talking about......I need 2 things:  a fountain drink {Coke please.....and none of that diet crap.....I need the real thing} and my family.  My home is truly my place of peace.  It's my safe haven.  My husband and babies can turn my whole day around with one look, one hug, one smile.  It's amazing. 

When it comes to something that my "teacher self" cannot live without......I have 2 words for you......Erin Condren.  This woman rocks my world.  I have her life planner and the teacher planner.  When my car was broken into a few months ago, my planner and purse got stolen.  I honestly don't know what upset me more......all my credit cards and money getting stolen......or my personalized teacher planner getting stolen!  I love that thing!!!  It was one of the first things I replaced!
To give you a glimpse of my teaching style, I'll share one of my favorite activities that we have done this year.  When we were studying area & perimeter, my students had to create a blueprint of a carnival with rides, ticket booths, restrooms, etc. with specified areas and perimeters.  Certain rides had a given perimeter, but no area.  Others had a specified area, but no perimeter.  The students really had to have a good understanding of the two concepts and know the difference between them to create this blueprint.  The critical thinking and problem solving that was going on absolutely blew my mind!  It's amazing what they produced!  I loved it.....and so did the kids.  They still ask me if they can create another carnival :)

A blogging goal of mine this year is to get to 100 followers.  I'm not sure if that's reasonable or too modest or what, but I'm hoping that the more followers I get, the more advice I'll get and the more bloggy friends I can make!  This blogging experience has been so inspiring and I just hope that I can inspire as well!  We are all in this for the same reason......to help each other, in order to help our kids.  What better goal than that? 

Thanks for stoppin' by, ya'll......I've enjoyed it!  Hope you did too :)

Keep livin' the dream, 


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Paula :)

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  3. Room 14 is the best room number! (I've been there for 3 years) :D

    Do you have any more details about that carnival activity you did? We have JUST finished area and perimeter in class and that sounds like a brilliant way of finishing off and really seeing what they've grasped without just doing a test!

    Just wondering- what do you mean your goal is to get to 100 followers? I just became your latest follower anld took your number to 1246... did you mean 10,000? That would be awesome!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

    1. Hi Serena,
      This post was from Mandi, a guest blogger....make sure you hop on over to her site (link in the post) to become a follower of her blog, too!

      Glad to have you as a new follower of Teaching Maddeness! :)


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