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 Spring Break for Me + Day Off for Hubs = *Rare* Much Needed Time Together

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Hi guys! I'm Aris Rossi from Sailing into Second!   
Sailing Into SecondI'm super excited to have started my own teaching blog this year since I've spent way too long blog stalking so many of you lovely teachers this past year! It's amazing to see all the great resources and ideas that are shared by everyone! I seriously can't get enough. :) A little about myself...I'm a newlywed married to a wonderful man who puts up with daily stories of my adventures in 2nd grade. As contrived as it may sound, our love story actually began when we first met. We set eyes on each other from across the room, secretly snuck in conversations when we weren't supposed to, and even shared our Valentine's hearts. Did I mention we were in 2nd grade?!? Here we are at our destination wedding in Italy last March. The hubby and I love to travel and experience new places, people, and MOST importantly...the FOOD! :) 
I teach 2nd grade at a wonderful school in sunny Southern California. This is my 5th year teaching and I think 2nd grade is my new favorite grade level. I was convinced kinder was where my heart was, but as I've taught 3rd, 1st, and now 2nd, I know 2nd is where I belong! :) Especially since I got to loop with my firsties into second!
My favorite subject to teach is definitely social studies. I love teaching students all about our country's rich history, cultures, and traditions. They all have such amazing personal connections to each unit. It makes all our discussions so interesting and meaningful. I especially love using GLAD strategies with social studies! This pictures shows a lesson where I created colorful visuals of information (picture notes) to describe each of the three branches of government. I drew the picture as I described each of the vocabulary words and concepts. I also used colors to organize/chunk important information. We always keep our pictorial input charts available as resources all around the classroom. At the end of the unit, I "auction" the charts or KWL's off to students...they go b-a-n-a-n-a-s over them! It's super cute. :)

If you popped into your classroom unannounced, you'd most likely see us in the middle of either ELA workshop or math workshop time! My students love workshop time because they get to feel so independent. They have certain tasks they must finish before they pick out a center, but either way, they LOVE the activities for centers. :) Here's an example of one of my units they get to work on after the whole group lesson. 

What best gets me through the day is *gasp* a nice glass of red wine. The hubby and I are winos and love to try all sorts of wines from all over. Our faves are the Italian reds (obviously...Rossi!) and the pinots. :) We love to go wine tasting with friends and family! Here's a picture from our last wine tasting tour in Temecula. The hubby surprised me with a hot air balloon ride through the countryside and we went tasting afterwards.
I can't imagine teaching without two things...I know its says ONE but I can't simply pick one! Anyway, one of the most important tools I use are my DJ Inkers fonts/clipart! They make everything super duper cute. The next is my grade level teacher/partner in crime! She is seriously the BEST teacher I've ever worked with and cannot imagine teaching at another place without her! We make each other laugh all the time. :) 

I just started blogging this year and have really enjoyed sharing ideas and collaborating with other bloggers. I'd love to meet more bloggy friends! This is a major goal of mine and can't wait to share more ideas and learn more about the blogging world. :) Thank you so much, Amanda for hosting my post today! I hope you all come and visit me at Sailing into Second to get more ideas, share ideas, and pick up a few freebies while you're there! :)


  1. I love you sharing your blog with newcomers! I am new to the blog world and am trying to learn the ropes! I also love your blog. I came across your blog and went through all your old posts. Very resourceful and informative. Keep up the awesome work!

    The Adventures of Room 83

  2. Looks like a super cute blog...heading there now!

  3. Love the Budding Blogger idea and will be "floating" right over to Sailing into Second. As newbie bloggers, my teaching partner, Courtney and I love to find out about new blogs and go searching for wonderful ideas. Nice to "meet" you Aris! All the best to you! Amanda--thanks for being our newest follower over at Hoots N' Hollers--your site is fabulous! Courtney says she has been following you for years! Me, I am getting to know more and more...

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers


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