Sundays in the South & a Mentor Math Text Linky

Ahhhh....why do the weekends have to pass so quickly?  I am grateful though.  On Friday morning, I woke as usual, went to get in the shower and discovered that we had NO hot water.  Not even lukewarm water.  Only ice cold water.  Brrrrrrr!

Now, this girl likes to take steaming hot in, burn the top layer of your skin off.  I do NOT like cold anything (except for beverages). ;)  It turned out that our hot water heater had kicked the bucket.  Talk about taking things for granted.  I will NEVER take hot water for granted again.

Despite the advertisement of "same day service if you call before noon," we did not get a new one installed until midday on Saturday.  Needless to say I did not leave the house....I did get some new things created for school so I guess that was a good thing.   But, boy - was that long, hot shower the best thing EVER!

After that shower, I felt like I deserved a little more pampering after spending the last 24+ hours looking like a hot mess.  I treated myself to a little mani/pedi and a little shopping.  I had to find that just-right outfit for the Carrie Underwood concert on Tuesday!

Did you watch the Masters today?  Wow!  What a finish.  I was totally Team Adam on that one, too!  So glad an Aussie finally pulled off a win!

I'm going to link up with the always cute girls, Amanda and Stacia, over at Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text Linky (Math).

I LOVE to use picture books to introduce concepts in all subjects, but especially math!  There are soooo many to choose from, but since I'm already thinking about my next unit to teach - measurement - I'll share about my favorite picture book for that unit.
If you've never seen this cute book - get it.  NOW!  Here's the Amazon description of this book (click above to go to the Amazon page):

Lisa has an important homework assignment--to measure something in several different ways. She has to use standard units like inches and nonstandard units like paper clips to find out height, width, length, weight, volume, temperature, and time. Lisa decides to measure her dog, Penny, and finds out ...

Penny's nose = 1 inch long
Penny's tail = 1 dog biscuit long
Penny's paw print = 3 centimeters wide

... and that's only the beginning! Lisa learns a lot about her dog and about measuring, and even has fun doing it.

This clear and engaging concept book, delivered with a sense of humor, is certain to win over the most reluctant mathematician.

Of course, after sharing this book and learning about measurement, I assign my students a similar project to my students that we call "The Magnificent Measurement Project."  They love that they get to choose something at home to measure - I've had everything from their favorite toys, to their pets, to their parents!  I also let students decide how they want to present their projects to the class - they can create a PowerPoint (which we've done in class so they're already familiar with it) or create posters.  Most choose PowerPoints....let's face it - they love technology!  From the type of projects to the choices of nonstandard units and the various measurement options, this project and book lend themselves to differentiation.  If you're interested in the project/rubric, they can be found here.

If you don't have this book in your collection, and you teach measurement, I'd highly recommend it!

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win our Mother's Day Magazine and/or Father's Day Magazine.  Click on the images below to read more, if you missed that post!  The winner will be announced on Wednesday!


  1. Guess I should pay attention to golf more than just the Masters- that Adam is a hottie tottie!! I'm just like you btw, NOTHING less than burning a layer of skin off for me too when showering! :-P
    ideas by jivey

  2. We are looking forward to checking this book out. We use this author's other book, Mapping Penny, for our mapping unit and we love it.
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. Hi. Thanks for stopping by.
    Your Mothers' Day magazine looks like a really cute idea. I'll have to check it out.
    Have a great week.

    School Is a Happy Place

  4. This looks like a great book! Thanks for sharing. We are starting our measurement unit in 2 weeks, so I'll be sure to look this one up!

  5. I love this book for introducing measurement!! I like the idea of the project that you have your students do! How fun! My students love to make powerpoints too! It's fun to watch them present them!

    I'm so sorry about the shower situation! Yuck! No fun! We watched the last of the Masters, too! What a great finish!!

    Thank you for linking up! Have fun at Carrie Underwood!! I would looooove to see her!
    Collaboration Cuties

  6. Hello fellow 2nd grade teacher! I'm your newest follower! You are the "top" of my mentor text sharing sandwich. I hsve never heard of this book and am looking forward to checking it out, as we continue with a huge measuring unit!! Thanks!


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