Teaching Tip Tuesday: Dry Erase Boards

I can't believe the weekend flew by without me posting.  I did announce the winner of my Weekend Wishlist Grateful Bag giveaway - congratulations again, Celeste!!!  I didn't start another Weekend Wishlist giveaway because I'll be posting my 1,000 Follower Giveaway this week!  I've got some great surprises for you!

Just a quick "you've probably already thought about it" teaching tip for you on this lovely Tuesday.  Dry erase boards are a quick, easy, and FUN way for you to assess students, but sometimes they can be hard to manage.  A couple of quick tips that I've found handy:

Tip #1:
Hot glue pom-poms to the ends of each marker for a quick "always there" eraser.
Tip #2:
Place markers in socks for easy storage - this way erasers and socks are passed out at the same time!  The socks are perfect for erasing bigger jobs.  This is also a great way to eliminate "picking" colors if your markers or pom-poms are different colors!!!
Tip #3:
Find an easily accessible place to store your marker set so students can grab them when they need them, and also help pass them out!
Don't have dry erase boards??  I remember being a new teacher and wishing that I had a set of whiteboards but needing to spend my money on so many other things!  Finally, I inherited a set (which I later left behind at a previous school), then I purchased the cheap $1.00 boards from the Target bins.  They lasted a couple of years before becoming too disgusting to keep!  So....
Tip #4:
If you need a set of dry erase boards on a $0 budget, laminate a piece of white paper and lined paper back-to-back using the thickest laminating film you can find.

I have a set of Magic Boards that I now use (and LOVE) in my classroom, but students also have a set of these laminated sheets that they keep at their desks and can pull out to use anytime they want!  Easy to replace and doesn't cost me a dime!

What are your other tips for using dry erase boards in the classroom?


  1. You can use the dry-erase markers to write on tables too. Simply wipe off with a Clorox wipe and presto! My students love to do math on their table - they feel like real "rule breakers". Whatever it takes to get them to practice :)


  2. I made my dry erase boards from something I bought at Lowes... and leave it to me to forget what it was... something maybe used for a shower? Ugh terrible.. anyways, it was about $20 and I think I got around 30 boards. They cut the big piece into squares for me and I just used colored tape around the edges.

  3. I always get mine from Home Depot. They work great and you get to choose the size you want them!

  4. Use page protectors and they erase easy and change out when you want

  5. I used to use a sock. I found tiny magnetic erasers at the target dollar spot the last 2 years. I love the Pom Pom idea!! Do they lose the top to the marker? Thanks for the tip!
    Kindergarten Korner

  6. Great tip and much needed! I have been struggling with organization of markers and marker boards!


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