Sundays in the South: Minute to Win It Halloween Style and 1,000 Followers!!

WOW!!  I got a wonderful little comment from Gina at Beach Sands and Lesson Plans that she just became my 1,000th follower!!  I never imagined when I started this blog in June that I would have this many followers friends.  I have loved every moment of becoming part of the blogging world and have made (and rediscovered) many, many wonderful teaching friends!  I look forward to sharing, venting, and bonding with all of you for a long time to come! ;)  I will certainly be preparing a BIG GIVEAWAY for this milestone, but we'll have to wait until my current giveaway is over.  What is that you ask?  If you missed it yesterday, click here to see how you can win this fantabulous monogrammed Maggie Tote ($126.00 value) for FREE!

Now, on to "Sundays in the South."  If you're new to my blog, I like to get a little more personal on Sundays and step away from teaching to share about what has been happening in my life this week.  Well,
I did manage to get out of my pajamas this weekend, but that may be my biggest accomplishment thus far. Sad. I know.  But, like most of you, this week wore me out!  Anyone want to sign my petition to change Halloween to the last Saturday in October??  School nights just do not work for this holiday!  Speaking of Halloween, my niece and nephews are getting too old for trick-or-treating, so they all came over to our house for a bit of Halloween fun!  We ordered pizzas, handed out candy, and played "Halloween-Themed Minute-to-Win-It" games in the garage.  Take a look at some of the fun...

Dizzy Mummy
 Who will get their partner wrapped with the entire roll of toilet paper first?
Vanishing Ghosts
Who will make all of the ghosts (tissues) disappear from their box first?
Cookie Monster
Who can get a cookie from their forehead to their mouth using all facial movements?
Ghost Slime
Who can transfer all of their ghosts (cotton balls) using slime (Vasoline) on their noses? 
Who can pick up a yardstick with batteries balanced on the ends, move it to the other side of the room, and set it back down using only their outstretched forearms? 
 Sticky Pumpkins
Who can bounce a pumpkin ping-pong ball off the floor and make it bounce back up and stick to a piece of bread covered with peanut butter? 
Bite Me, Vampire!
Who can be the first to transfer 5 paper sacks of varying heights (10", 8", 6", 4", 2") from the floor to a table in upright positions using ONLY their teeth?  Only feet may touch the other body parts!
 Trunk or Treats
 Who can be the first to shake out all 8 pieces of candy from an empty tissue box tied to their rear?
A fun time was had by all and we decided we should definitely hold these game nights more often!  If you want a copy of these "Halloween-Themed" games, just click below.  I just changed the names on many of the traditional Minute-To-Win-It games to make them more "Halloween-y".  :)


  1. Wow! One thousand since June?! What do you think has contributed most to that? I'm looking for some new things to try :)

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Congrats on 1,000 followers! Those Halloween games look like so much fun! I'll sign that petition. ;-)

  3. Congrats on 1,000 that is AMAZING that you just started in June and already have 1,000. Your Halloween games look like so much fun. I am going to for sure do these next year with my family.
    The Hive

  4. Congratulations, friend! This is awesome!! :)

    Miss R's Room

  5. That is AWESOME! I am a newbie and YOU found me, which helped ME to find you. :) It's so fun to make friends in this blogging world. You have an adorable blog. I'm happy to follow you!

    Cruz'n in First

  6. Looks like you had a great Halloween! Super ideas there. :) Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog, following you now too!


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