Five for Friday {A New School Year}

I started back to work this week, but it was all good because I won the Blog Hoppin Scavenger Hunt!!  Seriously?!  The hubs and I had a lot of fun with this hunt this summer and I am soooo excited about winning the Cannon Rebel camera!!!  Needless to say, this made my week!  If you're not following me on Instagram, you should!  You can keep up with my classroom and all of my crazy antics - @teachingmaddeness  You should also hop over and make sure you're following the girls at Blog Hoppin because they're always up to something fun!  I'll be linking up with them for Back to School 2014 next week.

Are you as addicted to washi tape as I am?  I didn't change my classroom theme this year so I only needed to do minor touch-ups.  Thank you, washi! <3

Today was Meet the Teacher.  My beginning of the year gift for my new Mon-STARS always includes a water bottle to keep at their desks.  I picked these great bottles (they have handles on the side) up from The Dollar Tree and used my Cameo to apply their names.  Such a cute, cheap, and practical gift! <3

I'm super excited about trying Remind as a way to send text reminders to my parents this year.  You know those days when you forgot to tell them that tomorrow is going to be pajama day or want to remind them of a quiz....this website/app makes it super easy to text those reminders while keeping everyone's phone numbers secret!  Yes, please! 

It's AUGUST!  That means birthday month around here.  This pic was taken when we went out to celebrate the hubs' birthday on Monday.  Mine is next week so hopefully I'll get more of something in this picture?! :)  Actually, I really don't need anything.  I'm blessed.  Life is good.  Well, I could definitely use a day of relaxing.  Maybe by October?  RIGHT teacher friends?? ;)


  1. Congrats on winning! And Remind 101 was a great way for me to keep in touch with parents quickly. I made a cute QR code that I displayed at my Meet the Teacher/Open House so it was easy for parents to sign up and get my info! Good luck this year!

    Sliding Into Second Grade

  2. Congrats Amanda on winning the grand prize. How exciting! I'm going to use Remind this year too. I think it will be an easy way to communicate with parents. I hate stuffing folders with reminders that parents don't even read. I'm hoping that all my parents sign up so I don't even have to worry about those papers! Have a great year!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. Congrats on winning the scavenger hunt!! I used Remind last year and plan to again this year. You will love it! Happy early birthday. :)

    My Carolina Classroom

  4. As many of your other followers have posted, Remind is awesome! I taught middle school last year and many of my students had phones so I would send reminders and encouragement to them. This year I'm teaching 5th grade. My communication will be mainly with parents, but it is awesome!

    My recommendation would be to send out some encouraging words ever so often. This will really hook the parents in because they are excited to hear about the great things going on in your class! Have a great year!
    Mastering the Middle


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