Highlighting Writers & Nametags with a Twist

I am still getting my craft on for this school year!  Are you?  Don't forget to keep posting pics of it all on IG for the #create2educate #sweepstakes!

I picked up these cute little chalkboard clothespin clips an thought they would be perfect for clipping onto student writing displayed in the hallway.  I used paint pens to write different "writing praises" that I could look for so that several students are getting highlighted at once.  I think it will be nice to not just look for that "perfect" paper, but to notice one great thing in lots of students' work.  Someone may not have the best handwriting or conventions, but maybe their voice shines through tremendously!  That's a talent that should be recognized, don't you think? <3

Nametags.  Ugh.  I despise making new nametags at the beginning of the year, when there's going to be a sub, or when we're going on field trips.  So, I always make "permanent" nametags.  This year I decided to use the plastic buttons from Michaels to do this!

Our classroom theme is monsters, hence the cute little guy on our button!  I had enough buttons that I also used some to make "Happy Birthday" buttons for students to wear on their birthdays.....soooo happy to not have to buy those stickers any more! :)

And, we'll use the "PRESS" buttons for our Living Museum.  Adorable, right?  What have you been frantically crafting for your classroom?  Go share on Instagram using the rules below to enter the #create2educate #sweepstakes!


  1. I LOVE those writing pins. I just read a book about teaching writing with the 6 traits and I think this would be perfect for that!!

    Little In Betweens

  2. Last night I was just cutting out badges to use instead of Brag Tags this year. I also wanted to thank you for putting up your Monster folder on your other website. I am looking forward to having a Monster theme..thank you for the inspiration!

  3. LOVE the writing badges! I'm going to have to head over to Michael's now and steal up this idea! :)

    Sprinkles for the Teacher

  4. I love this idea, especially the birthday badges! Will these files be available in your Teacher's Clubhouse store?

  5. I love the button idea. I'm going to have to do that too!

    Carolina Teacher

  6. I love the permanent name tag button idea. I will be making those once I get my class list.
    The Traveling Teacher


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