It's SHARK Week!!! {Freebies}

It's SHARK WEEK, y'all!!  Do you love it as much as I do??  I know that my students are always interested in these amazing creatures.  I always use sharks as the guided topic for exploring the informational genre with my kiddos because the students have sooooo many questions about them!  Well, today, a team of bloggers have decided to come together to give you some FIN-TASTIC FREEBIES all about sharks to engage your students!


Can you imagine how cool your NEW students will think you are if you incorporate SHARK WEEK (or just sharks, in general) into their learning??  Especially if you let them wear these cool shark hats while learning about sharks??  I mean, what kid doesn't want to BE a shark??

Slide 10.png

So, here's my freebie for you.  It's a little organizer booklet to guide our research on sharks.  It's the perfect tool for teaching little researchers to take organized notes as they read informational books.
Be sure to go for a swim in the linky party below. Every blog in the Shark Week Blog Hop features a fishy freebie for you and your students- but hurry! Shark Week only lasts until Sunday, August 17th  : )


  1. I love shark week. I wish we were in school during shark week. Thank you for the freebie. It will be put to good use in my classroom. Oh yeah the shark hat is super cute!!!!

  2. Love this is organizer! Absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

    Christina Marie :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  3. Amanda, you are SO talented... I love your work :)

    Laura Love to Teach

  4. Oh my gosh, one of my students from last year was helping in my class today and she talked NON-STOP about shark week. Talked my stinkin' ear off...but I can't complain because she also collated 2 sets of curriculum books for me! Wahooo!

    Little In Betweens

  5. That shark hat is awesome! I'm going to have to make one for my own kids (and students).
    Thanks so much for sharing the idea and the freebie!

    Digital: Divide & Conquer


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