Must-Read Monday Linky {Chapter Books for Dog Lovers}

My students are at that point where they LOVE a big, fat read-aloud.  They are over the shorter chapter books - I still have a few favorites that I've been trying to squeeze in, but they beg me to go back to the "ones that will last for weeks."  

If you've been around this blog for a while, you already know that my absolute FAVORITE read-aloud series is The Doll People by Ann M. Martin.  I am NOT going to spend another post on them, but I'll just say it is the one series that gets a standing ovation year after year (yes, from the girls AND boys) about it HERE.
While I'm not going to rave about THAT series today, I'm still going to toot Ann Martin's horn.  She is also the author of our second favorite read-aloud set.

If you are a dog lover, this set is a MUST.  They are about two dogs, Bone and Squirrel (brother and sister), who are strays.  During the first book, Bone gets taken by someone and Squirrel is left on her own.  I'm not going to lie.  There are some sad parts in both of these books and I *sometimes* shed a tear or two, but I love sharing those moments with the kids!

They are SO surprised to find out that there is a second book that tells us what happens to Bone.  I really love the format of the second book.  It begins out by telling three different stories (with chapters all named Charlie, Bone, or Henry).  At first students are a bit confused because it seems to be telling three completely different stories (and this book is the tear-jerker in parts), but we talk about how when books are set up like this, the three stories often come together into one somehow.  They love making predictions as to how the stories will intertwine.  As much as they try, they NEVER predict it and I love hearing them GASP when they finally realize that it's happening! 

These two books always prompt our class to do a charity drive for a local dog organization, too.  After reading about these stray dogs and their tough lives, students REALLY get into trying to help dogs in similar situations in our own community.

If you're looking for a great read-aloud.  I would definitely recommend giving these a shot!

What have you been reading?

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  1. I absolutely love the book A Dog's Life! It's such a great read for any dog lover! A few of my more advanced students have also been reading A Dog's Purpose - which is a fantastic book! It's not a super hard read but yet another book told from the perspective of a dog :) Love this linky, so glad I was able to join this week!

    My Shoe String Life

    1. I will definitely get my hands on a copy of A Dog's Purpose. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  2. When I saw that these were from Ann Martin, the name rang a bell in my head, and I had to head over to Amazon to see if I was correct. Sure enough, she is also the author of The Baby Sitters Club books!!!! I was obsessed with this series when I was younger, and my mom definitely has a good 200 of those books still in her house. Can't wait to check out these other titles!

    1. Yes! That is the series she is most known for!! I hope you try these out - the kids love them!

  3. THis is a great idea for a Linky! I just linked up to share a few of my favorites. I have never read any of the Doll People series, but that looks like a great set. I'll have to check them out!

  4. Did you know that The Doll People has a 4th one coming out in October 2014?!!! It's call The Doll People Set Sail!

    1. SHUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! You just absolutely made my night! We (as in me and my past few classes) have been waiting on another book in this series for years!! I've already pre-ordered it!! :) Thanks, friend!

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