Must-Read Monday Linky {Roald Dahl}

I'm always on the lookout for a new BIG chapter book read-aloud for my class.  Amazingly, I had never read any of the Roald Dahl books aloud to my class.  I know, I know...classics, right??  #badteacher

Earlier this year, I stumbled across an entire set of Roald Dahl books at Costco and decided to purchase them.  I decided to read The BFG to my students, as I know this is a favorite of some teachers.

At first, I was regretting this decision.  It was just okay at first and all of the made-up words were a bit much for me.  Then, it hooked us.  

By the end of the book, we couldn't wait to see how it ended.  Some of my students even checked out their own copies from the library to follow along.  Don't you love when they do that?? ;)

I *mentioned* that we had a Roald Dahl basket on one of our bookshelves (I added it mid-year after my Costco purchase and it wasn't labeled yet and the students didn't seem to even notice it).  Then one of my students announced that there was only one book in the basket.

Well, well, seems that my littles had quickly developed a love for Roald Dahl.  Some of my higher readers especially are now hooked on reading them!

We finished The BFG on Friday and the students gave it a rousing round of applause at the end.  Melt.My.Heart.  We especially loved the way it ended.  If you haven't tried Roald Dahl with your littles, I would recommend this one as a read-aloud to your group. 

What is your favorite Roald Dahl book?  Is there another one that I should definitely read with second graders?

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  1. I love George's Marvelous Medicine. It's an easier chapter book with minimal characters for those just getting started in chapter books.

    What I Have Learned

  2. I'd have to say that I am not the biggest Roald Dahl fan, but the kids do seem to enjoy his books! (Must be that strange sense of humor.) A few years ago, I read "James and the Giant Peach" to the kids and they really liked it. We also listened to the audio book and the person reading the story also had a British accent. Made it extra fun! Thanks for the linky party.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. I am reading the BFG currently as a read aloud . . . it is one of my absolute favorites, and my kids were asking for it by name, so I couldn't say no! I probably read more than my fair share of Roald Dahl books throughout the year . . . hopefully their teacher next year won't mind that they have heard them all already :)


  4. Ah, yes- BFG was a tough one for me to get through at first too! My kids have been getting the book I read aloud too- even from the public library! They all crowd around each other's books to follow along. So cute!
    ideas by jivey

  5. I read Matilda every year...I love getting animated with the character voices in that one!

  6. The Giraffe, the Pelly, and Me and I also have my kids read The Magic Finger during guided reading.

  7. We do Book Clubs in my room several times a year. Right now we are all reading a Roald Dahl books. First we went to the library for an author study lesson on him. Then we divided into our groups ( reading levels). The great thing about Roald Dahl is that he has books on many different levels. My kids love The Enormous Crocodile, Esio Trot, The Giraffe, Pelly and Me, George's Magic Finger, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They beg to read more!

  8. I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my 3rd graders every year! It is such a great, fun book! You can do so many things with it!


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