Must-Read Monday Linky {Tall Tales: Part 1}

First of all, thanks to everyone who guessed about the 30 on my currently.  The guesses surely made me giggle.  I especially loved everyone who thought it might be my age (yes, even you Rachel, even though you KNEW that wasn't it).  And, NO, I absolutely do not have 30 students in my class!  YIKES!  30 is how many school days we have left before spring break.  Geez!  That sounds like a lot!

Thanks for dropping by for another Must-Read Monday!  This week in our class we will be all about Tall Tales!  I just love a good tall tale!

We read a ton of tall tales by Steven Kellogg...they are the perfect read-alouds!  The illustrations are a perfect match for the stories, adding a little "extra" to the exaggerations and humor of the text.

But, today I'm going to share one of my all-time favorite tall tales that is a little less well-known.

Meet Swamp Angel.  She is the greatest woodsmen ever from the state of Tennessee.  She can lasso a tornado and drink an entire lake dry in just a single gulp.  But, she is most famous for defeating a fearsome bear known as Thundering Tarnation.  Their wrestling match from the top of the Great Smoky Mountains to the bottom of a deep lake is one of the greatest tall tales ever told!

If you don't have this tall tale in your collection, add it now!  It's a treasure of a tale and it's always great to have another tall tale "shero" among all of those "heroes."  :)

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  1. Did you know Steven Kellogg lived in Sandy Hook/ Newtown? He would come to our school and read to us when we were little. Such a great guy, his latest book Snowflakes Fall is dedicated to us, you can see scenes of Newtown in it.
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

  2. I love that this post is about Swamp Angel! I just read the book to my students last week. We made a list of her character traits (so many clues in the text to find them, it was a great discussion!) and talked about how the story moved forward because of her traits. Great book, great post.


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