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It's sad when football season ends.  But, there is baseball.  I'm currently listening to my Gamecocks play against our state rivals (you know, that C word that can't be typed on my blog).  Here's to hoping they can win game 2.  Game 1 was a heck of a game yesterday!  We were down 6-1 and then ended up winning 9-6.  So far we're undefeated on the season....I'm hoping for another trip to Omaha!

Love when the days start to get longer!  It's great to be able to see my husband in daylight. :)

Along with the baseball and longer days, comes allergy season.  I thought it was too early for allergies, by let me just say they kicked my TAIL yesterday!  I thought my head was going to explode.  I came home from school, took my meds, and climbed into bed.  I slept for 15 HOURS!!!  I am the girl who lives on 4-5 hours of sleep, so this was unheard of!  Ugh - the only reason to hate spring.

Speaking of spring, can spring break just get here already?!

Every year at this time, I start to clean up my eating, start working out harder, and preparing for swimsuit season.  Are you with me?  If I could make it through the winter without gaining that 10 pounds, it would be a miracle!  This year, I'm determined to be rockin' in my beach bikini! :)

30 - that's my answer.  What do you think the question is?  Go link yourself up with Farley for the currently party!

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  1. I agree with so many things you said.. My nose and allergies do not like this constant change in weather.. i think my body thinks it is time for allergy season.. no please! And yet, I am ready for spring! Are you turning 30 this year?!?!

  2. My guess is that you are turning 30? I also love that the days are getting longer, but I'm not looking forward to losing an hour next weekend! :)


    Teaching Teens in the 21st!

  3. I am loving the long days too! Spring is almost here...we SO got this!

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  4. Well, my first guess on the last one was your age...but since that's taken, I'll say is it how many kids you teach? I love the longer days too....just not the sun coming up earlier in the morning because my kids think it's time to wake up when the sun does!

  5. I have snow and allergy symptoms today. How can this be?

  6. I don't think it is your age because that would mean you've been teaching 2nd grade since you were 14 according to your info at the bottom of the page. Maybe it's how many kids you taught in your first year of teaching. Have a great day!!

  7. 30, definitely your age! ;)

  8. Oh my goodness, your currently is me in a nutshell on a few things.
    Allergies - killing me as we speak.
    Want spring break to hurry up! I need sleep and relaxation!!!!
    Needing to work out too. Wish all my blogging teacher friends were closer so we could do a teacher work out session! I can't seem to motivate myself alone.
    As far as your question...
    Everybody has great guesses... hmm... I'm curious. Cause if you teach 30 kiddos, I'm for sure wanting to give you a hug! :)

    Mrs. Thomas's Kinder


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