Snow Day Fun....Err...Productiveness!

Have you had snow this week?  It seems like almost every single state has enjoyed a little of the white stuff.  We were released from school early on Tuesday due to snow.  We are still out today.  There is no snow left, but some of the roads were still a little icy this morning. 

My favorite thing about a snow day is no alarm!  Let's be honest.  Anytime I don't have to set that sucker for 5:20am is a great day!  But, my second favorite thing about a snow day is time to get caught up on things.  I have been super productive today and that means that my weekend will be a little more enjoyable. :)

What have I been productive on?  We have a couple of new little products coming soon.  Well, one has just been posted.  Our Winter Games Center Unit!  And, the other will be up soon - a little Black History Month Bundle.

I previously posted about a little Olympic giveaway.  The winner to that giveaway was Brenda!!
Expect an email soon! :)

But, since this new Olympic goodness is hot off the presses, I thought we would do another giveaway for it!  If  you didn't win the last one, here's hoping today is your lucky day!  Here's what you could win...

5 literacy and 5 math centers all common-core aligned to grades 1-3!  All you need to do is head to our FACEBOOK page and comment on the post there to win.  We'll choose the winner later TONIGHT so don't delay! :)

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  1. Alabama also shut down due to snow. We are on day three of no school and I agree… I have been LOVING not setting an alarm! I commute to work and I had to stay at a friends house in the town I teach in. I was NOT productive at all. It was super sad… no computer so I couldn't work on anything. =(

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  2. We've been out for 4 days too in Coastal NC! I did lots of cooking and lots of blogging too! Hopefully Spring is on its way.



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