Creating a Storage Showcase for Arm Candy Love

I love some organization.  Are you with me?  My husband sometimes says that I organize the fun out of things.  But, he's just joking - that's really just NOT possible. ;)

Here lately, my LOVE of all things that go on your arm has gotten a little out of control.

Between my love for Alex and Ani, my new Victoria Emerson wrap addiction, and my new Instagram Bauble obsession, my arm candy began to take over my space!

I think my jewelry is pretty organized.  Statement necklaces were my {okay, still may be} obsession for a while and while I loved all of the cute little "hanging" organization systems on Pinterest, they just weren't going to work for me.  My bathroom would have ended up looking like a jewelry store.  And then the hubs would have just told me to go shopping in my own stash.  Nope.  Better to keep it all hidden. ;)

So, I bought this big {taller-than-me} jewelry storage piece from Hobby Lobby.  Each drawer is designated for a different color of necklaces - silver, gold, yellow, white, red, brown, black, get the picture.

It works fabulous, except for the fact that it sits in our bedroom.  And the husband is still sleeping when I'm getting ready for work.  It's usually not a problem since I try to pick out my outfits before work, but some days a girl has the right to change her mind, ya know?  That does not make for a happy hubs.

I had been throwing my bracelets in here for a while, but let's be real. I wear arm candy every day.  Lots of it.  I stack it up!  There really was no reason to put it all back in these drawers each night.

So, then, the bracelets just started getting thrown into my earring/hair-tie drawer (which is in our master bath).

That was causing all kinds of problems!  I couldn't even get the drawer to close any longer. :( 

Well, a few days ago I went to this little boutique in town to get a new Bourbon and Boweties bauble (imagine!) and they had bracelets wrapped around a paint roller. DING! DING! DING!

The important thing here is to get a paint roller with the right amount of "fluffiness."  At our Lowe's, the white ones seemed to be too flat (not fluffy enough) and the blue ones were too fluffy.  The cream ones were just right.  Of course, I had plenty of bracelets on that I could use for "testing." {I know the people at Lowe's always think I'm crazy already.  Who uses their items for their actual purposes anyway??}

Brilliant!!  Not so cute, but BRILLIANT and totally practical!  You could have tons of storage for little cost at all using this method.  But, my brain started to turn.  How could I turn this into a cute but still practical display for my stacks?

Could I put the paint rollers on a paper towel holder stand?  Hmmmmm.....When the hubs and I went out that day, I mentioned my new little idea. 

That was all it took.  New project for the hubs.  Seriously, he gets on a mission with these things.  We were having our Sunday brunch at Mimi's...which just happens to be next to Lowe's.

We headed there for paint rollers when he said, "Why don't we just get the paper towel holders here, too?"  Duh!  One stop shopping!!  Even better!

Problem.  The paint roller wouldn't fit over the knob of the holder.  I would have to unscrew it every time.  That would take a while.  Ugh - not so practical!  But, what if we changed the knob to one that was smaller, or had a smaller screw so that it didn't actually SCREW in, but just sat on top of the paint roller?  Then I could just pull that off each morning - voila!

We just so happened to have seen cute drawer pulls at World Market a few days ago and it just so happened to be right across the parking lot.  {Gotta love how that happens}  Problem solved.

Here's a look at my new bracelet holder love.

 Now, I will admit that the hubs did some things that I don't even know about to get this to work.  See those little brown discs that the paint rollers are sitting on?  He added those so that the rollers were a little higher.  That way they reached the top and weren't gaping so that you could see inside of them. 

He says they are the little "cups" that go on the bottom of furniture legs.  He just drilled a hole in the middle of those to slide over the paper towel holders.  They were perfect for holding the rollers up a little higher.  They key here is to get this part straight so that the roller will have a steady fit and not be wobbly.

See the brown wooden piece at the top?  Directly under the knobs?  Yeah, he added that piece, too.  I told you....he loves a little project!  It was just an unfinished "wooden wheel" (found in the specialty bins at Lowe's).  He glued it to the knob so that it would "cover" the top of the roller a little better (and it made the knob a little sturdier).
That's it!  After that you'll have an adorable little display for your stacks.  They're organized, cute, and easily accessible.  Just pull the top knob straight off, lift the roller and you can access the bracelets from either end! :)
Of course, if you don't have a love for little projects, you could make this WAY easier and super cheap by just eliminating the paper towel holders.  I was very surprised at how sturdy the paint rollers were on their own.  Maybe there are different kinds?  I'm not sure.  But, these are plastic on the inside and stand very easily on their own, even with all of that arm candy love on them.

Of course, I would still add the top knob (with wooden base) for a cute little touch.
If you're limited on space (because the paper towel holder bases are kind of large) or want to simplify the project, THIS may be the way to go!  You can't get any easier....and it's still adorable.  Since I have many more bracelets that still need a home, I might add a few of these in with my holders to save on space.

Well, that's about as crafty as I get, folks!  Hope it gives you something to think about. :)

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is one of the most clever and practical ideas I have read about in ages! I am going to have to think how this will work for me! And your bracelets are gorgeous, but the way!

    Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for linking up with Blog Hoppin!


  2. I am impressed! Funny how things made for one purpose actually can be McGyverred for a completely different purpose altogether! Very creative and definitely crafty!! Way to get your Hubs to work on this with you.. he probably was too excited to be putting his manly touches on this that he completely forgot how he was assisting with your bracelet addiction!! Great post.. happy new year!


  3. fa-reekin genius!! Totally doing this THIS WEEKEND! Mine sit on my nightstand and it makes my crazy!!!!!!

  4. Love it sooooo very much! Brilliant!!!! So brilliant I can't stand it:)))))) Thank you for sharing this awesome idea:) Now If I can do it on my own.....I'm on a mission:) Hugs arm candy sista!!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. Simply AMAZING! I don't even wear bracelets but this is so cute that I want to start.
    LOVE it

  6. Fantastic! I've already sent your picture to two arm candy lovin' friends!

  7. Hi Amanda! Since you have a love for arm candy and statement necklaces I wanted to share a link with you to my daughter's on line jewelry boutique. She carries absolutely gorgeous pieces at very affordable prices. After all she is the daughter of a teacher and she totally understands living on a budget. I hope you enjoy browsing her store. Here is the link.


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