Friday Flashback Linky: Football Frenzy!

After kicking off this week with a Gamecock Hall-of-Famer and Pro Football star visiting our class, we continued the football fun with our Super Bow-Wow Challenge to help a local organization called Freedom Fences.

Can I just tell you what superstars our 2nd graders are??  They brought in...
396 pounds of dog food
75 blankets
$614 to help build fences for chained dogs
235 dog toys and collars
97 pounds of dog treats/bones

Isn't that incredible?  I am so super proud of their efforts and generosity!!  The organization is coming to pick up the donations on Tuesday and they're going to bring a rescue dog to visit.  My class is super excited! :)

My classroom pretty much looks and smells like a pet store at the moment, but it's all worth it!  Here are pics of just a couple of stacks, but we have blankets and treats stuffed everywhere!

Today, we had a lot of SUPER BOWL fun in my classroom.  We started it off right by holding our own little {paper} football competition.

Everyone made and designed their own paper footballs and then partnered up for the challenge.  Students had to measure the distances of each attempt in inches.
 Step 1: Flick the football
 Step 2: Measure the distance
Measure again
Step 3: Answer questions about your attempts
Step 4: Compare your work with your partner

It was a lot of fun, but hard work, too!  We had to take a break for a little snack of yummy football brownies before beginning to work on our football jersey glyphs and scavenger hunts.

Gotta LOVE Little Debbie!  Unfortunately, I got caught up in the glyph making/scavenger hunt and didn't snap pics of those!  Trust me, it was a fun one!

Speaking of fun, we did FINALLY finish up our descriptive writing monsters activity earlier this week.  This picture shows students' monsterously wonderful creations....
After making their monsters, students planned and wrote descriptive paragraphs about them.  Then each child read his/her paragraph to the class as classmates tried to pick their monster out of the "line-up."  

They LOVED this and it was great practice for descriptive writing AND listening!  Here's one of my sweet friends reading hers....can you tell we learned about "semi-circles" when making these???  I love to see that they're trying to use similes in all of their writings now, too!


  1. I love doing descriptive writing activities like that! I try to find seasonal pictures (4 of the same type of thing projected on the screen- 4 Christmas trees, 4 snowmen, etc) for my students to choose from and write about since we don't always have time for a craft. Then they read their description aloud and the students have to pick the picture they described. They love it! :)
    ideas by jivey

  2. Awwww! Your monster descriptive writing turned out so cute!! And I love all of the football fun!! It looks like you guys had a great week!!

    Collaboration Cuties

  3. What an awesome week! Looks like your drive was a huge success!

    Fifth in the Middle

  4. Looks like a fun week in your classroom. I love the monsters. :)

    The Balanced Classroom

  5. Congratulations on the success of your Super Bowl Challenge - I'm sure your class feels great about themselves. When we did a penny drive for the Cancer Society a member of the Cancer Society came in to collect our donation and he told the class that no matter what else happened in their lives they will always be the class and the students that made a difference in someone's life! Kuddos to you and your class!

  6. I remember making those paper footballs in middle school - too bad the teachers didn't think to incorporate measurement like you did!

  7. It looks like you had a fabulous week. The kiddos must have had a blast. These are the kind of experiences that they never forget. Not only were they learning valuable lessons about measurement, compassion, and writing; but they were enjoying themselves at the same time. Kuddos to you!
    I hope to link up to your linky for next week.
    :0) Melissa
    More Time 2 Teach


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