What a Week Already!!

We kicked off our Super Bowl Fun Week with our Super Bow-Wow Challenge on Monday {if you missed this charity event I organized, you can read about it here.}  Our grade level is AMAZING!!  Our 2nd graders brought in almost 400 pounds of dog food on Monday and about 70 blankets today!!!

Let's just say that I may not be able to fit children in my classroom by the end of the week! Haha!  They are so stinkin' excited about helping these dogs and it just warms my heart every day!

We also had our special guest visit on Monday to kick-off our fun week of football!  My friend Brandon who played for my Gamecocks in college and then went on to play in the NFL for 10 years came to our classroom to talk to my kids.

Talk about an inspiration.  They loved it...as in ATE IT UP!!  And, he was so wonderful.  He taught them that it's awesome to be a good football player, but it's even better to be a GOOD PERSON!!

They were amazed to find out that you can't play football if you're not a good student, meaning good grades!

He brought a TON of his old helmets and jerseys and they had a ball trying them all on!  He also brought a magazine cover he was on and his most prized award, his "Good Guy" award from the NFL....an award given to the NFL player who performed the most community service that year.

They pretty much thought THEY were superstars after meeting him and getting his autograph!

On, another note......
We are ONE FOLLOWER away from 400 at our Teacher's Clubhouse TpT store.  You know what that means?  I'll be giving away 4 FREE UNITS of the winners' choices very soon....hopefully tomorrow?  Click on the image below to find out how to enter!!

Speaking of Teacher's Clubhouse, I have just finished a few units that have just been added to our site!!

Have you noticed that COLLECTIVE NOUNS are in the 2nd grade common core?  Well, there is not a lot out there to use when teaching this topic, so we have a new unit to help you out!  I used all of these activities in my classroom last week (PowerPoint, games, centers, practice and assessment) and the kiddos have GOT IT!  They are finding collective nouns EVERYWHERE now!  Just today someone found "raft of moon jellies" in a book we were reading!
As always, you can buy the entire unit (this one is $5.49) or you can just pick up the resources individually (PDFs for $0.99).  Click the image above to go to the unit.

And, also our Biography Unit is up!  This includes all of the resources I use to teach this unit.  I always model using Rosa Parks and the students choose their own famous person to learn about.  You can pick up the whole unit, or if you're just interested in the Living Museum {seen here} you can pick up the Bio-Buddies Project and Living Museum Essentials.

I'll be back tomorrow to showcase a new blogger and another NEW unit!!

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  1. I love that you had such a great Gamecock come and visit your classroom...once a Gamecock, always a Gamecock! :)

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