Get a Clue!! {Eye Candy}

I wasn't going to post today because I have some work to get done (I know, I know...resolutions going down the drain already!}, but I can't believe nobody has guessed MY NFL team yet!  I told you it was going to be tougher to figure out than my hubby's team (Falcons)!  I'm itching to giveaway the other copy of the SUPERBOWL UNIT to the first person who can guess the NFL team I cheer on at the moment.  There were LOTS of great guesses already at the original post, but none correct.  So, I'm here to give you a couple of clues.

Many of you figured out that I probably chose a team with a little eye candy. :)  These two guys were a couple of my favorite college players and they both play for the same NFL team (which is the ONLY reason I'm cheering it on)!  One played for my South Carolina Gamecocks and the other for the "other" college team I root for, Notre Dame.  (Don't even get me started on the National Championship this year!! My heart will be rooting for Notre Dame while my head will be pulling for the SEC to keep the trophy!)

Anyway, if you can figure out who these players are you will be able to figure out the answer!  Even if you've already guessed once, you can guess again.  I'm wiping the slate clean with these clues, but only ONE GUESS starting NOW!

(I had to do some searching to find pics of them without jerseys...the numbers would have made a Google search too easy!)  Maybe your husbands can help you...the second player was extremely well-known in his college days.  :)

First correct guess wins!!  Good luck!  See ya back here tomorrow for Friday Flashback linky!  Snap some pics tomorrow so you can join in the fun! :)


  1. Kansas City Chiefs?

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. I do believe it is the Kansas City Chiefs!

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  3. are funny! I think they got it. One of my favorite players plays on the Chiefs too..Eric Berry..because he's from Tennessee. Too bad they were terrible this season!

    Swimming into Second

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  5. YES!! Maybe I made that a little TOO easy! I love some Ryan Succop (best kicker EVER) and Brady Quinn! So, the Chiefs stink and I'm probably the only person rooting for them, but hey! Congrats, Deniece for guessing first! I'll get the Super Bowl unit sent your way!

  6. Amanda, my email is
    I've got the new blogger template and cannot figure out how to become a reply-blogger! I've seen many tutorials, but they are the old template:(

    I knew Brady Quinn by his pic, but had to google what team he played for. I am from TX, so the ONLY team I watch is the Cowboys. Of course, I grew up during the Triplet era.



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