I Teach a Class of Football Fanatics!!

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Now, on to FOOTBALL!!  Boy, do I have some football fanatics in my class this year!  Any spare moment they have, my boys are talking football, trading players' cards, and discussing game plays!  They seriously CRACK ME UP!!  I love it!!

So, I know that I will have to do some EXTRA special activities for Super Bowl week this year!

I always have one day packed FULL of Super Bowl activities.  Everything from math to writing to reading to social studies revolves around football that day.  We make jersey glyphs, we write our own Super Bowl commercials, we use poetry to write our own cheers (the girls love this), we research the cities playing in the big game, we create our own paper footballs and have our own little contest, and more!  There's no guilt because it's all educational....yet FUN!  You can see the unit I use by clicking the image below.
This year, I'm still going to do my MEGA Super Bowl Day of Learning, but we're also going to throw in some other FUN things.

I'm going to have a friend who used to play for my Gamecocks and then had a 10 year career in the NFL come to speak with my class.  BOY are they excited...a real-life PRO football player!! They're already in awe!

If you recall, I started focusing on Random Acts of Kindness earlier in the year and one of my goals was to get my students involved in RAKs and giving back to the community.  Well, I came up with the PERFECT activity to jumpstart this!
My class is currently reading, A Dog's Life.  This is a chapter book written by the same author as my all-time (ALL-TIME) favorite read-aloud series, The Doll People {read my post about that here}.  It's about a stray dog and my kiddos are loving it!  So, I'm hosting a "Super Bow-Wow Challenge" to help a local charity that I heart - Freedom Fences.  They work in our area to unchain dogs.  They build fences to free these dogs of their chains, provide them with shelter (doghouses) and other necessities that they're lacking.  These people are really angels on Earth!

Each day my grade level will have the students bring in a particular item to donate.  The class bringing in the most items for the day will be the "MVC (Most Valuable Class) of the Day."  They'll get a treat from me and they'll get to keep our Super Bow-Wow Mascot (a stuffed dog) as bragging rights for the day!  At the end of the week, the class with the highest total of contributions will be named "Super Bow-Wow Champs" and they'll get a class trophy!

I hope the kids will have a great time with this activity and I hope that they really get into the giving spirit.  I think since it ties in so well with our read-aloud at the moment that they'll really make a strong connection to the event!

This image shows the flyer I created to send home about our fun week.  If you would like to host a similar event to support a local animal shelter near you, I changed the information to be more general and you can download the general flyer (and daily reminders) by clicking on the image above.  If you decide to host a "Super Bow-Wow Challenge" let me know!  I'd love to read about it!

Speaking of the Super Bowl, who are you cheering for?  My hubby's Falcons came up a bit short AGAIN, so we'll be cheering from home....for the Ravens! {Okay, so we'll mainly be watching for the commercials!}

I'll leave you with a little Super Bowl commercial preview!  Have you seen the "Crash the Super Bowl" fan created Doritos commercials??  This is my favorite of the finalists.....so CUTE!!

You can preview all of the finalist HERE and vote for your favorite!


  1. So this commercial is adorable! Just like the men to fall for anything with food! The packet is AMAZING!!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. Since the Super Bowl is here this year, I should probably consider doing some themed activities in my classroom as well. I hadn't even considered it, so thanks for the idea!

  3. love the super bow wow project... I am going to try to do this too... thanks for the inspiration :) IT IS PERFECT b/c my grade level adopted our local animal shelter for our service project this year :)thanks so much

  4. I did RAK during the month of December and LOVED the impact it had on my class. Students left sweet notes for teachers, handed out candy canes, etc. I even took a few kiddos to Shops at Greenridge and we peppered the Christmas shoppers with yellow roses, candy canes on cards, and left dollar bills in children's books for people to find. We had a blast!


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