Pizza Box Portfolios & Memoir Writing Unit

A quick post today all about writing.  Y'all know, I LOVE some writing!  I've been holding onto the students' published works in the classroom this year since I usually do the whole "pizza box portfolios" at the end of the year and send the treasured keepsakes home at once.

However, my classroom was busting at the seams with writings already, so I picked up some pizza boxes this weekend {oh yeah, and some pizza, too, of course!} and let students create their portfolios today.
They always turn out so unique and special!  We stuffed all of our writings in there and the kiddos took them home today!  I think I actually like the idea of creating these now rather than at the end of the year....maybe even at the beginning of the year so the kids can take them home and have a special place to put their treasured work at!   This way, I don't have to store everything...and they can take it home and show it off immediately! :)

Speaking of writing, we just wrapped up Memoirs in our classroom and have moved on to "How-To" writing.  Well, we've finally got a new Memoir Unit posted at the Clubhouse with some of my most favorite activities from our unit.

I hope you'll love it as much as I do!  There's everything from prewriting to celebration included....along with lots of published pieces and, of course, some of my writing discussion cards.  I think it is SO important for the kiddos to TALK about writing before actually writing!  For example, right now students get in small groups and use writing prompt cards to go around the circle adding "next steps" for how-to's until they've successfully told how to complete tasks.

In the memoir unit, the discussion cards have them work with a partner to tell about special memories and then the partner asks questions about what they've just heard.  This is so wonderful because it lets students know that their readers want to know MORE and it encourages them to add all of those details to their stories!'s a little preview of the activities included, but you can find the unit HERE if you're interested in it!


  1. that's a really cute idea! I am reallyyyyyy struggling with writing this year and am constantly looking for ways to make it more enjoyable for my kids and really, just me haha.

  2. Looks like great stuff, as usual. :)

  3. I love the pizza portfolio idea! I hang on to their work also but it's so nice to be able to send it all home so that the parents can appreciate the work immediately :)
    Learning In Wonderland

  4. What a great idea with the pizza boxes! Where do you get them? Does your local pizza place just give them to you?

    I used to have my students do a writing portfolio at the end of the year, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do this year. We do have Author's Fair coming up and I'll let the kiddos choose their best piece of writing to rewrite and polish to submit to the 'fair".

    What I Have Learned

  5. My question is the same as Jessica's. Where do you get the pizza boxes? I am assuming from a local pizza parlor. Do they charge you? If so, how much? I have 26 students so that may be way too many for them to donate. BUT I LOVE this idea!!!!
    An Open Door

  6. I'd love to know where you get the pizza boxes, as well! I love the idea, Amanda! Thank you for sharing!!

    Little Miss Primary

  7. I am unable to find the Memoir Writing unit to download?

  8. I always get the pizza boxes from a local pizza place. This year I got them from Pizza Hut. I always offer to pay, but they've always just donated them to us! Good luck! :)

    * The only place that has ever turned me down was Little Caesars. :(

  9. I am an avid blogstalker and I do not know how I have not come across your blog before. I now have a new blog to stalk!



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