Teaching Tip Tuesday: Classroom Jobs

Do you use classroom jobs in your class?  If not, what are you waiting for??  Assigning classroom jobs is a terrific way to help YOU keep the classroom running smoothly while teaching students responsibility.  Over the years I've done classroom jobs in many different ways.  Here's how I do them this year and why...

Before the year starts, I create a list of classroom jobs that will help keep our classroom running efficiently.  I make sure to include enough jobs so that EVERY student has one.  My current list is below (with a couple of blank spots to add more jobs if new students come)...

I keep my classroom job assignments for an entire quarter.  This might seem long to some, but I love it when the kiddos KNOW their job and things are running smoothly!!  Changing jobs daily or weekly was too much of a hassle for me.  We change each quarter which gives students a chance to perform four different jobs throughout the year.  When it's time to change jobs, I let students put their top 3 choices on a post-it to turn in.  I'm usually able to give them one of their choices using this system.

My job chart (above) is just printed on a regular sheet of paper and laminated.  I then use clothespins with students' numbers on them to clip beside the assigned jobs.  This makes changing jobs easy and it takes up very little space in my classroom (yay...because space is a limited commodity!)

One of the reward coupons I use in my class is "Job Swap" so students do have the opportunity to select that as a reward to have a chance to "try out" a different job.  They love that!

If you're trying to do it ALL yourself, share the love and let the students help around the classroom! It will ease your load and help them build responsibility!  :)

If you already use classroom jobs, do you have different jobs than the ones listed above?  Is there a certain job that helps you out tremendously?? 

I added "teacher's assistant" for the first time this year and this job helps me out daily!  This student puts all of the collected papers in number order each afternoon so that they are ready for me to grade!  The student LOVES being the "teacher's assistant" and it saves me precious minutes of after school time!


  1. I love having my "handy helpers" as I call them! When I first started teaching I only had 5 or 6 jobs per week. Now, I'm up to 8 :)

    Love that you have a "duster" on there! lol
    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  2. I have two helpers/line leaders (one boy and one girl since we do a boys line and a girls line) and a door holder. Anything else I need done throughout the day, I ask one of them. The jobs change daily but it's not too overwhelming since I'm only picking for three jobs. I think I'd have the hardest time remembering all the jobs!
    Teaching in the Valley

  3. Your classroom jobs chart look super cute. I also love your reward idea of job swap.


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