A New Idea and a New Game

As much as I intend to blog regularly during the week, it's just not happening yet!  We've been super busy this week and I have a TON of things I want to share.  Since the weekdays are flying by, I thought I would start a new LINKY PARTY called "Friday Flashbacks" where I (and hopefully you) will choose one thing (or lots of things) that happened in your classroom this week that you just haven't had a chance to share yet!  Can you imagine if everyone took the time to link up with a great activity, lesson, read-aloud, or teaching strategy that was a hit throughout the week??  I hope you'll join me tomorrow as I "flashback" through the week to share some of my favorite activities!  Here's the linky logo to look out for tomorrow...I hope you'll link up this weekend!
For today, I've got a share from LAST WEEK...

We wrapped up our Nutrition Study last week and I thought I'd share about one of the new games I got from Learning Resources.  It's called Healthy Helpings and it is really simple to play but the kids LOVED it!  We actually had a "game party" that they earned from completing a "compliment puzzle" that our school uses and there was a MAD DASH to this game!

The directions are very easy so the kids pick up how to play very quickly.  Players spin the spinner and select one of the 50 food pieces that they think belongs in the food group the arrow lands on.  
The foods are self-checking, so the student flips it over to see if he/she is correct.  If so, he/she places it on the correct spot on his/her game board (plate).  If not, it goes back in the pile of food.
The part that they LOVE is that the spinner has a "Take" and a "Give" section.  If a student lands on "Take" he/she gets to take a food from another players plate.  If they land on "Give" they have to give a food to another player.  This element really adds some strategy to the game since the winner is the player who has their plate "full" first (at least one food from each food group.)
The only downside to this game is that there are only 4 game boards, so only a few kids can play at a time.  It would be great for a center or small group time, but I would LOVE to have more of these games!  The game boards and pieces are very thick so it will be a game that can withstand lots of play and last for years and years - a great new addition to this unit!


  1. What a great idea! One of my goals for this year was to blog regularly but I just can't get in to the swing of it yet either. Once I get home I still have so much else to do. Maybe once it cools off and I'm spending more time inside I'll start doing better. :) See you Friday!

  2. Excited for you linky. Love the idea! Thanks!
    The Hive

  3. Friday Floshback is a great idea! I need link party to keep me blogging! Great game!!

  4. Fun link idea and fun game for the nutrition class, too :)

  5. I will be taking more pictures to join the party!
    My Second Sense


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