Let's Go!!

Well, today I will be at the first home game of the season for my Gamecocks!  I'm super excited about taking all three of my nephews with me since Mr. Madden has to work.  This is what we'll be doing today...

There is absolutely nothing like 2001 and sandstorm at The Brice!!  I hope you have a chance to do something you love today! :)

Don't forget to swing by the Back to School Freebies Week Page for Teacher's Clubhouse to pick up your freebie for today!!

Today's Freebie is perfect for teaching doubles!!  It is a Poppin' Through Our Facts Resource that correlates with the common core standards!  Share the Freebies Link (http://www.teachersclubhouse.com/Back_to_School_Freebies_Week.htm) on your blog, Facebook page, or via email with all the teachers at your school to brighten up their day with a little FREEBIE!
In the past, I've had a wall display of this, but decided this year that I didn't have space.  Plus, I like the idea of each student tracking their own fact fluency as a part of their data binder.  The freebie includes pages for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!  Enjoy!


  1. What a great idea. Thanks for the FREEBIE. . . I just pinned you. Have a great time at your game.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  2. Its a beautiful day for football! Have a great time at the game and thanks for the freebie!

  3. That Sandstorm looks so fun!! Football's not my thing, but I can appreciate it since I love my Jayhawks in winter and all the March Madness that comes later. Thanks for sharing the video and the Freebies all week! This popcorn one is awesome!

  4. Oh this is really cute! Is this still available somewhere? The link doesn't work any more. :(


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