September Currently and Cuteness!

It's a new month so you know what that's time to link up with Farley from Oh Boy! 4th Grade for the new Currently!

Listening: I am a TV addict and I get soooo behind on my shows this time of year.  I'm trying to get caught up on everything because my TV calendar will be overflowing as some of my favorite shows return this month - The Voice, DEXTER, Revenge, and Once Upon a Time!!  "Make it Work" {in the voice of Tim Gunn}

Loving: Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween??  Loving that the hubs and I have already started our Halloween shopping for our "spooky" decor for this year's party!

Thinking:  The year is finally starting to feel "normal" - no longer running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, but there's still soooo much to do before our Open House on Monday.  However, I'm really trying to stick to my resolution of no work after 7:00pm!

Wanting:  We're in need of a date night....this time of year is such a whirlwind that I feel like the only time we've spent together has been full of me venting.  I think a movie and dinner is in order for this weekend!

Needing:  I've recently noticed that my fall shoe collection is pretty sad.  A shopping trip is definitely needed!

Favorite Things:
1.  The hubs bought me some glitter sharpies that work on paper and glass - l-o-v-e....everything is better with sparkles! :)

2. I am, yet again, on the Powerberry addiction.  I'm not a big fan of Trader Joe's, but I could keep them in business from my Powerberry purchases - dee-lish-us!

3. I am super pumped that it is FINALLY college football season again!  The hubs has to work this weekend, so I'm taking my three nephew to Willy B for their first Gamecock football game!  I CAN.NOT.WAIT!!

On, another note....take a look at THESE!!  My student teacher saw a commercial for these and had a BRILLIANT idea!  I use "stinky feet" coupons in my classroom and she thought it would be cool for the kiddos to be able to wear these MONSTER Stompeez feet instead of their shoes if they wanted.  AWESOMENESS!!

 Of course, I came home and ordered them immediately.  Can't wait until they arrive so we can try them out!


Don't forget to swing by the Back to School Freebies Week Page for Teacher's Clubhouse to pick up your freebie for today!!

Today's Freebie is perfect for teaching doubles!!  It is a Doubles Flipbook that correlates with our Double Facts Poster!  Share the Freebies Link ( on your blog, Facebook page, or via email with all the teachers at your school to brighten up their day with a little FREEBIE!


  1. I love that college football season has started up again too! I am a HUGE Gamecock fan and can't wait to be a part of the fun crowd at Williams-Brice on Saturday! It is so much fun!!

    KinderKids Fun

  2. -brand, where you bought them ? :)

  3. Glitter Sharpies.....I have to have some! Please share where he found them...:)

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  4. Loved reading your Currently, Amanda! And the Stompeez are 5 yr old is having such a blast with them that my 5th Grader said he wants a pair...but begged me not to tell any of his friends:) I hope you get that date night soon! That is so important to keep the romance alive:)

  5. Glitter sharpies say what???
    Love Tim Gunn! Make it work is my mantra.
    Keep your student teacher around! She has some great ideas! The kids will love it!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  6. K, I love Halloween too!! I wish I could decorate my whole house! Check out my two freebies! They're Halloween themed math activities! They're in my TPT store!

    OK glitter sharpies? Where do you find those? I NEED them NOW! Do you know of my glitter obsession???


  7. Love the idea of a glitter sharpie!


  8. Yay, Joni...I am counting the minutes until I can sandstorm and get goosebumps from 2001!! Nothing else like it!! :)

    He got the Sharpie Glitter Pens at Office Depot, but I also saw them with a HUGE Sharpie display at A.C. Moore recently.

  9. I am totally jealous of the glitter sharpies. I still feel like the chicken with it's head cut off.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  10. Girl I am in Gamecock country! But, I can't give up my LOVE for Tennessee VOLS! It's where I was born and raised! :)

  11. Glitter Sharpies? I must find some! I'd love a date night with my hubbie, too. We both teach and are so tired by the weekends. Maybe this weekend we'll make time. I'd also like to invite you to my new linky called Fun Friday. It is all about the fun things we do in our classrooms.

    Teaching Fourth

  12. Thanks for the doubles link! I'm teaching that next week, so it'll be perfect.

  13. Glitter sharpies?? Wow, I've got to find some of those! I'm glad you mentioned them.
    First Grade Found Me

  14. Those slippers are so perfect for your kiddos! :) I love Project Runway too and also end up listening to it from my office (lesson plans due Friday, usually working on those Thurs night)-defeats the purpose of actually seeing the, you know--clothes!



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