Warning! Graphic Intensive: Classroom Reveal

My classroom isn't "finished" but I'm beginning to wonder if it ever will be...there's always more to do and little touches to add.  But, I think these pictures will give you an idea of the "maddeness" that's been occupying my every moment lately.  I'm linking up with a couple of classroom reveal linky parties.

This is our carpet meeting area.  We spend a LOT of time here. (Ignore the box of math books that are waiting on me to rip pages from.)
The opposite view of our meeting area.
The yellow containers are for individual student books for SSR time.  I will put their pictures on the front of them after the first day of school.
Summer projects...my monster stool and the remade "author study" bookshelf.
Students will place their clip on the plates to show their lunch choices for the day.  Clips still on the ribbons will belong at absent students.  Lunch/attendance in one!
The lowboy with drawers holds all of my posters/pocket charts.  Colored paper and construction paper is organized on top.
Love how my "monster" director's chairs turned out!
My scoreboard for Whole Brain Teaching and our US Map are on the easel we use for our morning message.
Our rocking chair with one of my "no-sew" monster pillows.
Our floor rockers are a part of our "cozy seat" rotation for SSR time.  (See how ratty this one is at the top?  Came home today and Mr. Madden had me two new turquoise ones! - LOVE that man!)
Another view of our author bookshelf and our large Peanuts Map (donated by a parent one year...love it!)
"Smarty Pants" full of smarties candies for when students deserve a little treat for an exceptionally thoughtful answer.  (This type of hanger with the little hooks to go through the belt loops work wonderfully!)

Our AR "Mons-TERRIFIC" Readers bulletin board.
The Monster Trashcan Mr. Madden made for us!
We use these drawers to hold our reading group materials.
Our calendar with a little monster touch.
Our monster-themed Whole Brain Teaching rules.  Love how they turned out and cannot WAIT to implement WBT this year!
Our ClipChart Management on an oil pan with magnets.
Saw this at Hobby Lobby and just HAD to have it for the classroom.
Our listening center (being invaded by my BFFs at the moment...glue gun and personal laminator!)
Covered all of my open shelves with fabric this year - got a little wrinkly during summer cleaning. :(

My hand-designed monster rug (bathmat)!
Our word wall will go on the cabinets.
Love this gift from my room mom from last year!
Looking out the door at our hall display.  I couldn't come up with a good display for the monster theme, so we're having a PAINTING PARTY on the first day of school.  Each little Mon-STAR will create their very own monster picture!  I plan to cameo their names at the bottom and add clothespins to hold their work.

More views!

Our school theme is garden this year (ick!) and I was feeling a little guilty that EVERYONE else has garden-themed hall displays, so I brought back my "POET-TREE" to display our poetry throughout the year.
Plus, I wanted to incorporate "poms" somehow!
Our "M.O.N.S.T.E.R. Mastery Club display.
My vinyl banner above our classroom door.
I still need to add accents to my door, but isn't "Hairy" a great welcome sign?

My art wall - a place for students to clip up their artwork for all to see!
Still working on my relationship with Mod Podge.
I'm going to post a different "Goodbye Sign" for the kids to say to each other each week. (Look for this freebie on Thursday!)
Literacy Centers are stored in cubbies on the back wall.  Units are stored in containers on top.
The burlap pencil I made that says "write" (in vinyl on wall) to showcase our writing stages signs.
Another view.
Our reading center .  Notice the "Hollywood Marquee" still  sitting in the floor. SIGH.  I am SO sad to part with this!  Mr. Madden worked so hard on it and it looks AMAZING when the lights are on! :(
Our reading bulletin board near the reading center.

We'll use Robert the Reader during our first unit on Reading Strategies.  The puzzle pieces each have a strategy and we'll put it together as we learn about all of the pieces that go into making a good reader.
They refer to these reading strategy posters a LOT during the first month of school!
We refer to our genre posters throughout the ENTIRE year!
Our white bookshelf holds all of our non-fiction books and author study books on top (labeled by genre and levels).
This bookshelf holds fiction books (labeled by genre and levels).
Our Non-Fiction text feature signs are a tremendous resource for students.  LOVE the addition of my monster chairbacks for cozy reading spot rotations.

Students will have a turn to be Mon-STAR of the week and share all about themselves! (I picked up those cute little round monster pillows from Hobby Lobby.)
More fiction books on the other side of the bookshelf...and another monster chairback!
Another view that shows my math manipulatives cart and my Grab & Go Dice above it!

Close up of the dice if you missed them from a previous post.
Class birthdays are displayed in birthday bags.  Students will get their balloon (on pixy stix) on their special day!
My current unit containers sit on the counter behind my desk for easy access to books/files.

The FABULOUS rolling seat crates that will serve as computer chairs and storage for whisper phones, headphones, and magazines!  LOVE these things (thanks, Mr. Madden!)
My desk - look quick...it will never stay this clean!
Close up of my Kiss Your Brain and Hug Your Heart jars on my desk. HEART THEM!
Dry erase pages for essential questions.
Table beside my desk that holds all of my supplies that won't fit IN my desk. :)

Student tables are on their way to being ready (okay, still a LOT to do here.)

TOTALLY forgot to take pictures of the WHOLE CLASSROOM to give a big picture, or of my windows so here are a few that I previously posted (before the reveal) in case you missed them.
No-Sew bunting with fabric and duct tape!
Old picture, but you can see the bunting.
Canvas monster paintings line the windowsills of the classroom.

I will replace these with better "distant shots" when I return to the classroom - which will be THURSDAY (our first official day)...tomorrow, I REFUSE to go there.  I'll be at home working in my PJs! :)


  1. Amanda, I am in AWE!! I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful everything looks! Your students are very lucky!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I cannot say how much I absolutely love your classroom! I never would have thought of monsters as being absolutely adorable but I am in love with them. I want to be a student in your class. Your kiddos are so lucky to have you for a teacher! And I need to get myself a Mr. Madden. He is such a keeper! Can't wait for more pics to come!

  3. Your room looks amazing!!! I especially LOVE the trashcan Mr. Madden make. How cute & what a great hubby !! Your kiddies are very fortunate to learn in such a fun room :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  4. Wow! Your class is spectacular. I LOVE the monster theme. Have a great year!
    Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales

  5. Holy Moly you went all out!!!! It looks so freakin' awesome!!

    Ginger Snaps

  6. Wow! I love your room! Amazing! You have put your heart and soul into your room and it shows! :) I think I need to borrow Mr. Madden for some projects! ;) He does great work!

  7. Thanks, girls! I am SURE your rooms look FABULOUS as well! Isn't it crazy how much time we put into them? But it's worth it! :)

  8. Wow! Your room must be "monster" sized! ;0) You have so much wall space and I'm jealous. Your room looks fabulous!


  9. Your room looks great! I love the trashcan monster your husband made!!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  10. Your room is so fun!! I want to learn there:) How do you get all of your things attached to the wall without them falling? Thank you!

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  12. Oh, Corrina...I always look at all of the pictures of all the other classrooms and think they look HUGE! It must be the pictures because it's really not big.

    Samantha, I use hot glue for everything (shhh!) :)

  13. Oh my gosh!!! Can I be in your classroom this year?? LOL!! Your students are going to LOVE their new home:)


    1...2...3...Teach With Me
    Dots of Fun! Clip Art

  14. Love your blog! You inspire me with your great ideas. I buy many items from Teachers Clubhouse. I was wondering if the reading strategy posters were listed at Teachers Clubhouse. I have the Making Connections poster but not the other five. Would love to have them.

  15. SO creative! Love it all! I can tell you put forth a TON of work, and it definitely shows! :)

    Sensational Seconds

  16. WOW oh WOW! Great job, it looks amazing and your care shines throughout.
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  17. I absolutely Love it! Great Job! Enjoy your day resting! I will be working half a day in my class tomorrow! I was there for 8 hours today and left it a little bit of a wreck! Must go clean it up before Thursday!

  18. Those monster director chairs are too cute! I love the other monster stuff too!

    The Science Penguin

  19. Christy,
    They are from Teacher's Clubhouse. You can find them here - http://www.teachersclubhouse.com/comprehension.htm#Games_Activities

  20. OMG, your classroom is absolutely gorgeous, your students are SO lucky to have you as their teacher.

    I'm your newest follower.

    Mrs.D Reading with Mrs. D

  21. Can I be in your class? Lovin the Monster theme! May need to do that next year! You really out did yourself! Good luck with your first day of teaching...your students are blessed to have you! :"


  22. Dana,
    Where are you teaching this year?

  23. Your room is beautiful! I love the colors and monster theme. You can see all the hard work and planning that you have put into the classroom.

  24. Your room is amazing!!!!!! So many great details that are so functional! The monster theme is really awesome! BTW I know a great place for your Hollywood sign:) Good luck on your first day!

  25. AMAZING! You have been super busy. I LOVE the colors and little monsters. Your students are so lucky

  26. Your room looks AMAZING!!! You have been working so hard. Your students are going to LOVE it! You are so creative. I'm a amazed at the different things you have came up with. I love the monster theme.
    The Hive

  27. Where did you find your recess signs? The clock signs? I love those. I also wanted to tell you I love the pencil and the vinyl letters that say write. Too Cute!!

    The Hive

  28. Your room looks amazing, and big! Jealous! Your kids are going to love their new classroom. I just love the monster trash can, so cute!

    Primarily Speaking

  29. Well done! I think you should keep the marquee(sp?) Just put bite marks in a corner it looks like a monster took a bite out of a corner.....or it could say "Read Like a Monster" or I don't know. But it is too cute to part with.

    Chickadee Jubilee

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  31. OOPS! I hate typos and misreads. Anyway. SUPER cute room. Thanks for the follow. I've done the same!

  32. Wow, Amanda! I absolutely love what you have done to your classroom! Thank you for sharing pictures of your classroom and all of your wonderful ideas. I'm working on redoing my classroom library and am wondering where you got your book bin labels? Also would like to add the genre posters on one of my bulletin boards. Are they available through teacher's clubhouse? Have a great first day back to work tomorrow! I, too, go back to school tomorrow.

  33. Simply Amazing! Can you come decorate my room next?

  34. Oh, wow! Your room is FABULOUS!!! I am in love!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  35. Wow Amanda! Your room looks awesome! I love the color scheme and everything about it! Your students will be the envy of the entire school! Have a great year!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  36. I want to be in your room! It is so creative and cute! I am amazed by your monster creations. Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  37. This room is amazing! Not sure if I can blog about mine after seeing your awesomeness!!!
    My Second Sense

  38. I LOVE every inch of it!! Monsterously adorable!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  39. Gennie,
    I couldn't respond to you by email, so I hope you see this comment. The book basket labels and genre posters are both from Teacher's Clubhouse. Good luck on your first day back tomorrow! :)

  40. Hey Amanda,

    I am at Lake Forest for my 2nd year teaching Kindergarten!

  41. Your classroom is RIDICULOUSLY adorable!!!! Wow! I am so impressed!! By the way, have you seen the monster zipper pouches they have? I saw them at either Staples or Office Depot!! Once again....WOW! Your creativity is AMAZING! You have a gift!

    Grade Three is the Place for Me!

  42. Thanks, Amanda. I did read your reply to my comment. I will purchase the book basket labels and will be very busy working in my classroom this weekend. Have a great weekend!

  43. Love your adorable monster theme throughout the classroom!! Super cute!! And your burlap pencil is so fun!! I want to make one of those now!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  44. Unbelievable....it is neat to see how all your summer projects came together. Have a great school year! Your students are going to love their room.

  45. I just discovered your blog - Your classroom is AMAZING! I'm your newest follower. Your students are lucky to have you as their teacher!

  46. Are the rocking chairs bought or made? If made, could you PLEASE provide me with directions/link.
    I'm a first year teacher with limited time to get a bare-classroom beautiful and those chairs look so comfy!

  47. Your classroom is too cute! Thanks for linking up!

    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  48. Jennifer,
    The floor rockers were purchased at Target. They have them every year at Back to School time...I think for college dorms.

  49. Okay, thank you! I just LOVE your room! I hope someday mine will be as adorable, coordinated, and organized as yours. Best of luck this year!

  50. In the words of Junie B. " Wowie Wow Wow!". I LOVE your room. I love the colors, I love the monster theme. I love the sign above your door. Magnificent job!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  51. Oh my gosh! You are, amazing, incredible, inspiring, and sooooo creative! Yours is my dream classroom! We get our classroom keys 1 week before Meet the Teacher...except this year it was 3 days (!) due to summer programs using our rooms. So, needless to say my room is a "work in progress"!
    Love, love, love it!

  52. Your room looks fabulous! I LOVE your monster stool!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  53. What are the little neon green containers that you used for your Grab and Go Dice?

    Thanks, Shari

    1. Shari,
      I found those at Target in the dollar bins. They were little "locker containers" for back to school time.

  54. Amanda,

    Thanks for sharing so many good ideas! I have the same question as another teacher, what did you use as containers for the dice? I bought some at the Dollar Store and they quickly broke.



    1. Thanks, Sarah! They were "locker containers" found in the Target Dollar Bins at back to school time. Gotta love those dollar bins! :)

  55. I love your rolling carts! I some similar in my room but have carpet and the kids can't seem to get them to scoot. Did you just put wheels on them or did you get them somewhere?

  56. I am wondering what you call your "thinking" area??? Trying to find a cute name.

  57. Super room and lots of work! What are the little green containers for the dice?


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