Classroom Reveal {2015}

This year, I kept the same theme in my classroom - Mon-STARS!  I am planning a complete overhaul for next year, but I just need one more year with these cute little monsters everywhere. :)  If you've missed my classroom in the past, welcome - take a peek inside!

Our Monster Door Hanger greets all of my little monSTARS each morning.

Our art wall showcases those special masterpieces and our transportation board makes sure everyone is getting home correctly.

Our cubbies store our centers while Mrs. Madden's lesson plan storage sits on top in labeled containers.

We refer to our writing stages often during Writer's Workshop.

Our rain gutter bookshelves hold our read-alouds so that students can see the titles for taking AR tests if they want.

Our laptops are beneath the raingutter shelves and our rolling seat crates (yes, hubs added wheels!) make the perfect seating and provide extra storage!

View one of one of our reading areas.  Students rotate sitting in a ton of different cozy spots around our classroom for independent reading time.

 I love the cozy quote and self portraits we finally got up behind our sofa!

This shelf holds our non-fiction books and author study baskets.  Our reading buddies are kept here, too.

The bunting you see around our classroom is just triangles of fabric held to the wall with red duct sewing at all - easy peasy!

The monster canvases along our windowsills provide another little touch.

This is our second reading area.  We love books!

The teacher's space is always the messiest area in our room. 

 Here's a view from the teacher's desk. 

 When we don't have a student teacher, we use our big table as our VIP table.

Mr. Madden turned a trashcan into monster storage for our puppets!

Our school uses Accelerated Reader so this board is used for that.  You can also see our scoreboard (whole brain teaching) and the teacher's comfy chair. :)

We spend MUCH of our day on our spotted carpet!  We LOVE it!  (Thanks!

Our other bulletin board holds our anchor chart tablet.  

Just a close up of more of our cozy spots waiting on a little reader to come along. :)

Students move their clips to make their lunch choices here each morning.

Here's another classroom view from a front corner.

 Here's a close up of one of our table teams. 

No words needed.  A must have for our classroom.

Our Whole Brain Teaching class rules hang above our class restroom. <3

This storage area is where all of our daily supplies and prep materials land.

Our centers and reading group materials are stored in this area.

Our pencil area.

 These are new additions for this year.

More storage is by our door, along with the mailbox for turning in teacher notes and our weekly goodbye for students to say as they walk out the door.

Our work hangs from these frames in the hallway.

Our MONSTERS enrichment club hangs in the hall as well.


  1. I think I have said this before, but I will say it again - that monster trash can is too cute!!!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

  2. I LOVE your classroom!!! OMG...I couldn't even imagine changing classroom themes after all the hours of prepping and not to mention how much money you have spent. What theme are you thinking of doing?

  3. LOVE your classroom! So very cute! :)


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