Student Gifts to Start the Year

I have been using the same beginning of the year gift for students for years now.  I think it's perfection.

I like to allow my students to keep water bottles at their desks so they can have water as they wish throughout the day.  It's a win-win.  Their brains are quenched and they're not getting up and down constantly.

However, I only allow bottles with pop-up tops.  You know what happens if they bring bottles with screw-off lids.  The moment they take the lid off, someone bumps the bottle and there's water everywhere!

So, I pick the bottles up at The Dollar Tree or Target.  I love these because they're super tall and have handles - perfect for the littles!  However, since they're all matching they can often get mixed up if they're not labeled.

Enter my Cricut.  I use my Cricut Explore to cut student names out of vinyl to apply to the bottles.  As long as they're just handwashed, they seem to last all year long!

This year, I decided to place a few starbursts in the bottom of them with a tag by Applicious Teacher that says "I'm BURSTING with Excitement to Have You in My Class This Year!"

I also tie a little tag to the bottle itself telling them to fill the bottle up and bring back to school! 

It's a super easy, super cheap, super practical gift that my students use daily throughout the year!

Did you know that Cricut is having an amazing back-to-school giveaway for teachers??

Each week for 7 weeks they are picking 10 winners for amazing prize packages!!  Entering is super easy!
You can nominate yourself HERE.  And, you can enter EVERY WEEK!!  If you enter, leave your link below so I can find you and give you a VOTE!  Good Luck!!


  1. Thanks for posting. I just went and signed up. oh2az84 is my name. I would love a vote. I was lucky enough to have a parent make my letters for me in the past but her son has since moved up a grade level.

  2. LOVE it! I am doing something similar for my older students. Like you I do the same sort of gift each year but I have never used the water bottles before. Part of me wishes I had used your wisdom and bought the ones with the pull up tops. I got ones with a flip top but since my kids are older I hope it works out. I am so jealous of your Cricut letters. I am hoping my super duper permanent sharpies work. I am going to let the students write their own names on their bottle. You can see mine here
    Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I gave my students water bottles (well, really plastic cups with lids) for the first time this year, and they LOVE them! I found some cute cups with swirly straw in the Target clearance section. I painted the students names on them with paint pens. They turned out perfectly!


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