Resources That Keep Me Afloat {Morning Work PowerPoints}

Tomorrow, the ladies from Owl-Ways Be Inspired will be having a little blog hop giveaway of resources that keep us afloat. You will not want to miss these!

But, I'm going to be showcasing some resources each day this week that seriously keep me afloat DAILY in my classroom.

These are the resources that I absolutely could NOT live without.  They have made my teaching life soooo much less stressful!  And, they will all be on SALE during the BIG TpT Sale coming up, so if you think they'd help you out, go toss them in your cart!

The number one resource has to be my Morning Work PowerPoints!  They save my tail sanity every single morning!

Oh, how I used to dread morning work.  Trying to find a skill sheet, waiting in line at the copier, getting them passed out on the desks...wondering if I was close to my copy allotments.  Explaining the directions to the worksheet twenty-two times as my twenty + students trickled in.  Ugh!

No longer.  Now, my morning is stress FREE!  I just display the morning work PowerPoint on the board.

Students take out their morning work journals (composition notebooks...that's right...NO MORE COPIES!!!!) after unpacking and get to work!  The format remains the same all year so directions are only needed a couple of times per quarter as skills on it may change.  HEAVEN!

Seriously.  Teacher Heaven!  Now, I only need to worry about taking attendance, sending down lunch choices, answering emails, and collecting notes/money.  Whew!  But, at least, morning work is no longer one of the worries!

Another reason I love them is that it's a time that I can squeeze in some of those skills that we just don't have time for during the day - like CURSIVE!!  The kids beg for it and finally I've found a way to squeeze it in! :)

And, did I mention that our ENTIRE set of Morning Work PowerPoints for the YEAR is just $7.99 (and that's not even on sale)!  Yep, a YEAR of STRESS-FREE Morning Work for under 8 bucks, people.  That is awesome sauce!

If you teach another grade, we also have our Morning Work PowerPoints available for 1st Grade and 4th grade.  Check them out below!

I hope this is a resource that will help you stay AFLOAT.  Remember to come back by tomorrow for another resource and a special GIVEAWAY! :)

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  1. The Morning Work Power Points look terrific. Just a quick question. What do you do when you have a sub? Our subs don't have access to our computers or files. Thanks.

    1. We're lucky that in our district, subs have their own logins/passwords to get onto teacher computers. We have a "sub" folder that shows on all desktop logins so that subs can access anything we drop in those folders. You could easily print out a page for each student to leave for them on a sub day though. One of my main purposes in creating these was to save on copies, but once in a while for a sub wouldn't be much of a hassle. ;)

  2. I absolutely ADORE this! I started using it back in December and it has been a life saver! My kids get to work on all different skills, I can't wait to get into the cursive :) And I love the word problems. Awesome awesome job on these!

  3. Love this idea for morning work. I was just thinking of creating my own but with the sale I think I may have to purchase and save myself the time!:) I love your Kid president templates and I am having my class make it into a digital book on Book Creator and would love to send you a link when we are done. I am planning on doing a blog post and my kids are loving making the pages for this. Would you care if we publish the book on the ibooks store for free if I have a page of credits in it from your template blog post? I have never published a book but would love to start doing this more and I thought this would be a good trial. I am definitely planning on creating my own templates for some other class books and doing this again because it is working so well. Let me know what you think. If you want to email me about it we could talk through email.


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