Must-Read Monday Linky {Compound Words}

Must-Read Monday Linky

About this Linky:
Join me each week in linking up one book that you have recently read.  The post will go live on Mondays, but you can link up anytime throughout the week (through Friday).  It can be a book that you read in the classroom with your students, a professional read that you want to share about, or a book that you have been reading for pleasure.  As teachers, we're always on the lookout for more books to add to our reading lists, right?!  Let's help each other out!
When you link up, use a picture of your choice (blog button or book cover) but in the TEXT use subject and topic.  For example, Fables: Gooney the Fabulous, or Pleasure: Divergent.  This will help people to find posts that they are looking for a little easier.  

I've made using the linky button super easy for ya.  Just copy and paste the text above to the top of your post (HTML).
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Last week, we reviewed compound words.  If you teach this skill and do not have this book in your collection, get it NOW!  The students love being able to guess the second word that will complete a compound word on each page using a cleverly inserted picture clue.  Some of them are pretty challenging while others are more obvious so it keeps all readers interested and challenged.  My kids actually begged me to read the "next" book.....I had to break the news to them that not all books are a part of a series! lol

Although, they thought this one should be.  Two thumbs of from second-graders!

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  1. Awesome idea for a link up! :) Can't wait to find more good books!

  2. I tried to link up yesterday but the collection was closed! Maybe I'll catch the open collection next week. I'm still fairly new to all of this!

    But I totally posted my Must Read Monday :)

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher


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