{Five for Friday}

A glimpse of our week...


Tickets went on sale on Monday for Bruno!!  Did you love the Super Bowl half time as much as me??  We loved his concert in Atlanta on this tour and since he's expanding the tour, we're going again!


We did our Super Bow-Wow Challenge again to coordinate with the Super Bowl.  Our grade level did AMAZING at bringing in dog food - 330 pounds of it to be exact!  We also brought in hundreds of dog toys, bones, treats and money to give to a local charity, Freedom Fences.  The children really get into the challenges because they LOVE dogs, too! :)

This is just half of our hallway!  And, there's more in our classroom!


I've been steadily working on this Black History Month Unit that WILL be posted this weekend! :)


We're starting the Olympics in our classroom!!  I've been prepping our Winter Games Centers all week.  I will post a LOT about this next week as students compete in events!


I introduced this game to my kiddos this week.  Have you played it?  Come back to my blog tomorrow to read more about it and for a chance to win a couple of these games for your classroom!

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  1. I love the game Tenzi. It is so much fun. Have fun at round two of the Bruno Mars concert!!!


  2. I LOVE that Bow-Wow challenge! Whatta great idea! I'm a huge animal lover, especially dogs, and I'm lovin' the idea of the kids donating to a rescue group.

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  3. wowzers... or should I say BOWzers... that was a great outcome from your challenge... I love doing things for our local shelter and what a wonderful way to tie it into the Super Bowl... marking this idea down for next year!!! LOVE IT!!!


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