It's CURRENTLY an Exciting Day!

It's February!!  We're starting it off with a BANG!  My most favorite bloggers EVER...the girls from Owl-Ways Be Inspired are hosting a Facebook Valentine Freebie Hop this weekend.

Seriously.  These girls are amazing and you will NOT want to miss these goodies!  You can click the image above to start the hop at my Facebook page!  So exciting!  Spread the word so your teacher friends can collect the love, too!

A new month means a new currently.  Go link yourself up with Farley.

Bravo is ALWAYS on in my house when I'm home.  I should have a stake in this channel.  For reals.

Whew!  After having the flu myself and then my husband having the SUPER flu, I am so thankful that we are pretty much all healthy again!  Here's hoping that our weekly routines return tomorrow.  This girl needs her Sunday brunch. :)

I never really get into Valentine's day.  Don't buy me flowers.  They die.  Quickly.  I do not water them.  Don't buy me chocolates.  I love them.  But, I do not need them.  But the hubs always does a great job at Valentine's Day.  This year, I aim to top him! :)  I found this cute, cute blog with an idea of putting a "date" inside of an envelope for each month of the year.  A year of dates.  I'm doing it.  Totally cute.

I am so over this winter weather.  I am definitely a summer girl.  I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be born in Hawaii.  I am already thinking about summer vacation and just may book our beach house today!

I need to stop procrastinating with all of these things above and clean this house, or work on school stuff.  Just not motivated.  It's the weather, I'm sure.  I'd be soooo much more productive in Hawaii. ;)

Two Truths and a Fib:

1) FIB - I did NOT run a marathon.  Running 3-6 miles at a time is my limit.  I have no desire to run farther than that.

2) TRUTH - I'm pulling for the Seahawks.  No real good reason.  I'm a college football fanatic, but pros - hmph.  The Seahawks have former Gamecocks.  The Broncos do not.  The Seahawks have good colors.  The Broncos do not.  #ihateorange  The Seahawks are the underdogs.  I like their quarterback.  I think Sherman got a raw deal.  I like pulling against my husband.  There you go!

3) TRUTH - At one point I had a tree frog, a hamster, two tiger salamanders, a rabbit.....way too much work for a teacher!

 Be sure to stop back by tomorrow.....

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  1. All of those animals do sound like alot of work! You should check out a post I did just last month about a year of dates of gave my husband for Christmas! Here is the link for you...Monday Made It - Year of Dates...I hope it can give you some ideas if you need more. He'll love it!

    Keep Calm and Apple On

  2. I was thinking we could be the bestest of friends... and then the dreaded #ihateorange
    ahhhhh orange is my favorite color LOL
    I am so glad you guys are feeling better... I am taking this weekend to try to get back on my feet I have been fighting this bronchitis stuff for 2 weeks and it just plain stinks... my hubs had the flu too YUCK...
    and back to this SuperBowl thing... the only reason I am cheering for the broncos because really i don't care who wins is because they are orange... ok and I do LIKE Manning he is a good southern boy!!
    orange hating or not I still think we could be best blogging buddies LOL

  3. Glad your home is whole and well again! The flu really sucks. I usually cheer for the exact opposite from my hubs too but this time we are all in it together, cheering for the Broncos...not because we love the colors but we love us some Peyton Manning. Time will tell! Happy Watching!

    The Overstimulated Teacher

  4. Glad to hear everyone is healthy at home. I am with you when it comes to the flowers for Valentines. No chocolates nor flowers for me either. Procrastinating is my favorite hobby :)
    Book that summer vacation. You deserve it!
    My Second Sense

  5. I feel the exact same way about Valentine's, but my husband does too! Which means, I never get surprise Valenetine's (boooo, lol!) I will be pulling for the Seahawks too! Russell Wilson went to NC State, and I'm a state fan!

  6. So glad I'm not the only one that's really not that into Valentine's Day, but it sounds like you have a really cute idea! Hope you've been able to enjoy slightly warmer weather this weekend! I'm so sick of cold and snow...we had 5 snow/ice/cold days this month alone PLUS two teacher workdays where it was too dangerous for buses but not teachers. I'm ready to move to Florida tomorrow. If only...

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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