A Look at Last Week...Getting Caught Up!

Five for Friday, right?  Fridays are rough.  Y'all know it!  Many of you link up with "Five for Fraturday" because let's face it, Fridays are ROUGH!  Well, how about a Five for Fuesday??

Here's a little looky at what went down around here LAST WEEK:

1) We did one of our first writings of the year with our "I Had BUCKETS of Fun This Summer...Now I'm Ready To DIG Into Learning" craftivity.  If you missed this FREEBIE you can pick it up HERE.
2) We also worked hard on our "Beginning-of-the-Year Autobiographies".  These are a new resource I just made and will be part of a new bundled pack that will be up this week.  I LOVE how they turned out!  The prewriting organizers helped soooooo much!
I plan on displaying them at Open House next week, with a craftivity and sign that says....

"Meet the MonSTARS: We're Already Be"GUM"ing Great Friends!"
3) I've been benchmarking, benchmarking, benchmarking.  Are you with me?  Geez!  I'm so ready to just get into our routine and actual TEACHING!!  I have compiled a lot of my benchmarks to send home an informational letter to parents that show class a continuum.  I find that they appreciate being informed of this and it ensures that they're not surprised by anything come parent/teacher conference time!  The class continuum aspect lets them see exactly where their child falls among his/her peers.  It also gives them a glimpse at the wide range of learners we have in our classroom!  Here's a peek at the letter I send home about reading benchmarks.  

4) Did you pick up our Short A Vowel Unit for free during our Mega Birthday Celebration this summer? If so, you may want to pick up our newest unit....the Short E Vowel Unit was uploaded last week!

It's go EVERYTHING you need to teach, review, and/or practice that short e sound, including assessments!

5) And, finally....I got to go to my happy place last week as my Gamecocks kicked off the college football season on Thursday with a win against NC!  Despite missing the BEST entrance in college football and the first two-minutes of the game because of a wreck on the highway (and the fact that the game started at 6:00!) and having to leave the game early due to severe lightning and a thunderstorm that delayed it for a while, it was awesome to be back in Columbia!  Forever to Thee!
In honor of college football season, take a look at my mini-me makeover below...gotta be wearing my gameday garnet and black! :)
Don't forget to enter to win the PINK Pencil Sharpener!   The winner will be announced on Friday!

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  1. WOW! Your week looks fantastic! Your students must be so thrilled to have you!

  2. You have really been busy. I love the bucket of fun writing. I will have to give that writing a shot! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Great fun week and to end it with a Gamecock game!!!! I am a "new" gamecock fan....My small college doesn't have a good team so I have been on the Gator bandwagon, love Tebow....but the other day say and whole blurb on ESPN on Clowney and I am sold on that boy!! What a fun and exciting player to watch. One of my teammates is a diehard gamecock fan so I told her I'm on board with her...lol:) Have a great week!

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your benchmark parent letters Amanda! It's always so helpful to see how others assess and communicate with parents. I feel you about assessments! WHEW! Five more to go for me, then we can get down to business!

    It looks like your year is off to a wonderful start and your little bucket crafts are adorable!


  5. I love five for fuesday! Mine is more like five for next fraturday because by the time I catch up I am usually over a week behind! Looks like you have been having a blast in the classroom! I love the little bubble gum display! Too cute!


  6. I love your continuum! I think I will create one for my little monsters as well. :)
    Thanks for the idea!

  7. What a wonderful way to share information with the parents right away. I love the use of the continuum. I can't wait to use the "Bucket of Fun" writing. We don't even start school until next Monday. I already feel like I'm behind!

  8. Amanda - your be'gum'ing great friends is just precious! Looks like a great start to the year. Mine has started out great too. YAY loving my class.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  9. What a great idea to give parents a continuum. It really helps to show parents where their child is compared to the rest of the class. Thanks for sharing this idea!

    I Heart Teaching Elementary


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