Budding Bloggers Showcase: The Blessed OCDiva

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I started a little blog called "The Blessed OCDiva" a few months ago. I am sure the name speaks for itself! ha! I have really enjoyed my online journey so far and look forward to keep meeting other awesome teachers!
I live in the great, hot state of Texas! My hubby and I met online!!
(long story...I posted a "shortened" version on my blog for our 3 yr anniversary!)

We are a family of 5!! Doggie parents only right now.
This is how peaceful it always is.......
Ha! This is more like it!

We love to be active and workout, walk the dogs, play disc golf or other sports and just enjoy down time together and with our families. I especially love to create teaching resources and ORGANIZE!

I teach 1st grade! This will be my 6th year teaching! WOWZA! time flies! I have done a bit of 4th grade and a year in 2nd. 1st is where my heart is!

Since I have to teach it all I have come to enjoy every subject. I really like reading though, it is so rewarding to see them come in not reading and leave reading chapter books!!

If you came to my classroom for a visit you would most likely see color, organization, routines, talking, and discussing. I love to incorporate all of those things into the classroom.

Ever have one of these days?
haha I think every once in awhile it gets like this...when I am feeling stressed some things that help me cope and take it in stride are: prayer, my hubby, my doggies, talking to my mom, working out.....I really try to conquer it and tell myself that God will not give me more than I can handle and I can get through it with faith and strength.

One thing I can not live without are my sticky notes! I heart them so much and they keep me so organized!

My teaching style is a little Mary Poppins with a dash of Rambo :) I believe in high expectations and do think that those lil babies are very much capable of it too! I have my spoon full of sugar approach but also think sometimes a spoon full of Cholula sugar is needed :) The kids know my expectations and if given the opportunity, rise to the occasion and accomplish more than they thought they could.  I think hands on and learning cooperatively is very valuable for young learners.

My blogging goal would be to keep up to date throughout the school year. It has been easy in the summer but when things get, well, see above picture....I hope to be able to not let it slack and provide useful information to other teachers. I would love to gain more followers and network with others as well.

I hope I gave you a glimpse into my Blessed OCD world, and I hope to see you around my neck of the blogspace world!
God Bless!

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  1. "My teaching style is a little Mary Poppins with a dash of Rambo :)"

    This is me! This so makes sense to me ... and I teach middle school kids! LOL

  2. Oh my gosh! I feel so giddy seeing my blog info on here! It's so exciting!! Thank you so much Amanda for giving me the opportunity to be showcased on your amazing blog!!!

    The Blessed OCDiva

  3. My blogging goal is to keep up with it during the school year too! I found it super easy to find time to post in the summer, but not so much now. Heading over to take a look at your blog!

    Moments to Teach

  4. Ashley,

    Your Teaching Style is the BEST! I can't stop laughing!



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