It's a Wrap! {Five for Friday}

This week month has flown by!  Can you believe that October is just around the corner??  Let's take a look at our last full week of September...

1) Thank you for all of the kind words about our Morning Work PowerPoints!  The winner from our WINSday Giveaway is....
Andrea L.
I've already sent you an email, Andrea! :)

2) I LOVED hearing what you all eat for breakfast each morning.  I must say that I am super jealous of some of your dishes!  This girl doesn't have a minute to spare in the mornings, so I always grab a Cliff bar and eat it at school.

It seems like many of you eat Greek yogurt for breakfast.  Have you tried Chobani's Flips?  In the coco loco flavor?  OH.MY.WORD!!  I even got my mom (who supposedly despises Greek yogurt) addicted to it!  Coconut yogurt with almonds and dark chocolate flipped in?  It's like a healthy Almond Joy....I would know....I have one for lunch!
3) I've done just a little shopping this week.  We are required to wear our school ID badges this year, so I went on a search for a cute lanyard.  I didn't have any luck at stores in my area, so I hit Etsy. Isn't this one adorable??  I love it and it doesn't clash too bad with my wardrobe. :)

{from Belleadees}

I also continue to add to my Alex&Ani obsession.  This week's addition...
SWOON - I'm adding wraps to my bangles now.  I am SO jealous of those of you who have actual Alex&Ani stores in your town!!!

I also bought some new flats when heading to Target to pick up folders.  I am NOT a flats girl...I love a good wedge (or heel), but it seems that flats are what is in style {insert pouty face}.  If you've seen any cute wedges around, let me know where!!!

4) In the classroom, we've been working away on making inferences.  My questioning/inferring unit should be proofed and ready to go soon.  Here's a peek at us testing out some of the activities...
I tied inferences in with our communities study - double whammy!  Students had to infer whose sack was left behind by using the items in the sacks as clues.  It really showed what they knew about community workers!
After inferring with pictures, we practiced inferring with text.  I tied inferences in with our animal standards for this one!
Students read riddles filled with clues to infer which animals the cards were referring to....some were tricky, but they knew their animals pretty well!
Finally, we inferred with poetry.  I used poems with missing words and/or titles that students had to fill-in after pulling clues from the text.
5) In math, we worked on addition story problems.  We use the CUBES strategy.  I'll share more about this next week, but CUBES stands for:

Circle the numbers
Underline the question
Box key words
Evaluate & make a plan
Solve & check

They REALLY GET this method and USE it!  We even turn it into a chant with motions.  I'll try to get a video of it for next week.  Here's one of our fellows using the strategy to solve a problem...
 We learned all about addition key words and even made these little addition characters to record key words we found in our problems one day...
I can't wait to share this unit with you!  I love teaching {and listening to students explain how they use} different math strategies!

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  1. I cannot wait to see the new units!

  2. I love your Alex and Ani bracelet!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Cute idea for inferences! Love the little addition guys too.

  4. I am very intrigued by the CUBES method. I can't wait to read more. your inferencing activities looked fantastic!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. Love that lanyard-I'm always on the lookout for cute ones! I'm not a yogurt fan either, but that flavor does sound simply divine! Just might have to try it! :)


  6. You've been busy! I love your key words craft! I can't wait to see that unit!

  7. Love your lanyard! Looks like you had a fun week!

  8. Looking forward to the inference activities being available in your store!

  9. Love the bracelet, shoes, and badge clip. I think we could be great shopping buddies. :)
    Read With Me ABC


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