Calling All Carolina Bloggers!!!

If you recall, last summer we had an awesome Carolina Bloggers Meet Up in the always fabulous Columbia!  The amazing Hope King set it all up for us and we enjoyed lunch at California Dreaming.
It was an incredible day, but honestly I was a little lot overwhelmed.  I had JUST joined the blogging world and didn't really know many of the people there.  I was so excited to get to meet everyone, but unfortunately I left without even getting to talk to most of the fabulous bloggers!

I'm always so jealous of the Vegas blogger meet-ups, but those are ALL the way on the other side of the country!!  {sad face}

I thought we could pull off another Carolina Blogger Meet Up this year....maybe only a little earlier?  I know we met up in early September last year, which was a super busy time of the school year....not to mention college football season (for you other fanatics, like me) ;)

While I L-O-V-E Columbia (Go Cocks!) I thought, it might be good to have the meet-up right here in my hometown.  Greenville (in the upstate of South Carolina) is right-smack in the middle of Charlotte and Atlanta and it oozes charm, if I might say so myself. :)

When this post goes live, I'll actually be sitting along the Carolina coast, but I'm always anxious to get back home to G-Vegas {that's right, Greenville is known as G-Vegas...maybe we'll get our Vegas meet-up anyway Carolina bloggers!}

Recently, our little town has been making BIG Headlines: 

Greenville has become known as a "small town with big city amenities."  So, I was thinking maybe bloggers might want to spend a little MORE time together to get to know each other.  I mean, no one goes to Vegas {or G-Vegas} for JUST dinner, right?!

If you're a blogger around South Carolina {NC, GA....heck, you could really be from anywhere....we would LOVE for you to travel and meet-up with us}, or a blog READER {you don't have to actually have a blog of your own} and would be interested in a meet-up, fill out the form below!

Once, I see what kind of interest we have, we'll get the ball rolling!  In the form, you'll see your choices for the meet-up:

1) Lunch Only - if you're just interested in lunch, that's fine too!  I know many people can't get away for too long, but we'd love to include you!

2) Lunch and Shopping/Hanging Out - we'll probably have lunch in our downtown area so that we can "hang out" afterwards.  We can stroll along Main Street which has cute boutiques and shops (even an Anthropologie now, girls!!}, visit Falls Park, etc.  Make a day of it!!

3) Overnight Blogger Meet UP - if anyone's interested in a real blogger getaway {think Vegas}, we could book some rooms downtown {we have the Westin, Hyatt, and other hotels in the middle of it all} and we could do lunch, shopping, and then enjoy the nightlife!  We could enjoy a nice dinner downtown, possibly do dessert and a show at Cafe and Then Some, and we have a new dueling piano bar, Jack and Diane's, that is supposed to open mid-July - how fun would that BE??

Fill out the form and let me know what interests you!  I'm thinking one of the first two weekends in August would be best....before the school bustle really starts for most of us!  I'm so excited for a meet-up that would let us really get to know each other {outside of the blogging world!}

Spread the word and SHARE with any other Carolina bloggers you may know!


  1. Great idea Amanda! Keep me posted!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. Sounds like fun! I would definitely be interested!!

  3. I missed last year, would definitely love to make this one!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  4. Super excited! Hope I can make it!

  5. I am interested in whatever you do! Please let me know!

  6. Can't wait!!!!

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos

  7. Thanks so much for doing this! I missed last year because I was moving that weekend! I can't wait for this one! :)

    Little Lovely Leaders

  8. I missed last year! I would love to join in this year!! Thank you! :)
    My Kindergarten Kids

  9. How fun! I hope I can come. Might even consider the over night option!

    1. Also following you now so I don't miss anything else!
      My blog is " Growing my Kindergarten"

    2. I hope you can come, Ann! I'll add you to the mailing list but be sure to join our FB event page, too -


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