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It's been a while since I did a "Budding Bloggers Showcase."  I was so good about this weekly series throughout the school year...until the end of the year craziness set in - you understand, right?  I'm ready to kick it back into gear though!  If you're interested in participating and have a "new" blog (less than 400 followers), send me an email at amandamadden@me.com

  Hi my name is Bec and my blog is Books, Bugs & Boxes, named after many, many attempts to find a 'different' blog name! My teaching so far can be summed up in those 3 words, along with "lots & lots of glitter"! I use 'lol', 'so', smiley faces and exclamation marks way too often so please stay with me!

The Teacher Wife
Ever since I started on Pinterest, I have been stalking reading a ton of blogs by many talented people who's clever ideas have helped me out alot! Early this year I finally worked up the nerve to start my own blog and store which I am loving! 

I live in Australia in what we call a 'rural city', about 2 hours from Melbourne, with my wonderful hubby of 3 years. I moved here as soon as I finished Uni and am slowly finding my way around- after 7 years lol. I have absolutely no sense of direction- give me a street name and I'm hopeless but a landmark and I'm ok. 

I grew up in a small country town but am a city girl and beach dweller at heart. We are 3 hours from the beach and 2-3 hours from my husband's camping spots so we call it a good compromise. I love to travel and have worked really hard to get to go to lots of places. Would love to go to New York or back to Europe next.
This is my 7th year teaching, it's kinda scary to think it's been that long! My first year I taught 3rd and 4th grade but I have taught Prep/1s (Kindergarten & First Grade) for the last 3 years. Moving down to the littlies was a HUGE shock but I absolutely love it, although I swear I'm 10 times more tired then I used to be :)
Owls are our theme this year, can you tell?
I love reading EVERYTHING from picture story books to chick lit :) I'm a very 'emotional' movie watcher and reader, to the point where one of my kiddos now goes to get me a tissue if she knows we're reading a sad book lol. My fav ‘work’ books are: 'Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge' by Mem Fox, 'Harry High Pants' by Tony Wilson and 'Too Loud Lily' by Sophie Laguna. 
 I love teaching English, Art and Maths.
A few years ago I was extremely lucky to get to train as an EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding) teacher- basically Maths Intervention- which I taught for 2 years. I love hands-on learning, particularly in Mathematics and finding out how kids work out problems. My favourite maths resource is a huge tub of pop sticks for place value- there are about 3000 pop sticks in our tub and they are used almost everyday.
In general, I am an extremely unorganised scatter brain, so in a classroom this can cause chaos but I am always working on trying to be more organised- there's only hope :) If you popped into my classroom I tend to stick with
Since I have always taught composite grades I have always had a few of the same students two years in a row which gives me ample time to train them up to be my 'finders' as I am extremely forgetful.
I find first term is always the toughest but I am slowly learning to look after myself both physically and mentally. Teaching is a job that is really hard to leave at the end of the day with the relationships you build with parents and students and there is ALWAYS work that can be done. I put my whole self into my work and sometimes I find it really difficult to let work be work and home be home. If anyone has a fix-it solution for this I would love to hear it! So far exercise (Body Combat is my favourite and walking), cooking, hot chocolate or a good Chai latte, reading, singing really loudly to whatever is on the radio/my ipod, chick-flick movie watching and art gallery wandering are my fix-its after 'one of those days'.
The best part about teaching is that I am always learning from 'experts', my teaching buddies and the kids. My aim in life is to never stop learning which is another reason I started my blog. Thank goodness for google! My blogging goal this year is to make 100 followers and meet some new blogging buddies. I love that I can get ideas and help from people all over the world, hopefully my blog can be a help to others as well.
I'd love you to stop by for a visit,

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  1. Cute blog! Thanks for featuring new bloggers, it really expands my blogizons.


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