Budding Bloggers Showcase: Lucky to Be in First

Hey everyone! I'm Molly and my blog is Lucky to Be in First.  Like so many others, I began blogging after reading countless wonderful ideas from all of the amazing teacher bloggers. I started to think about the ideas and lessons I use in my classroom and thought, "Hey, I can do that too!" So, on a rainy February day over ski week, I started Lucky to Be in First on a whim!

I live in the Bay Area.  In fact, it's the same city I grew up in!  I have the best family in the world! So great that I live just a mile away from my parents and two miles from my sister and her family! All of my aunts, uncles and cousins also live in the same two-square mile radius, too! My boyfriend JB and I spend a lot of time in the City (city with a capital C is San Francisco, by the way!) where he lives.  We love day trips around the Bay, going to Giants games, and checking out new fun places to eat in the City!  Reading, Running and spending time with my family is how I spend a lot of my time! These days, I suppose I could throw in blog stalking, blog writing and creating products for TpT, as well!

 For the past ten years I've been lucky to teach first grade.  When I did my student teaching {with the best master teacher on Earth} I could not imagine teaching another grade.  She showed me the magic of first grade.  It's so incredible to have these little people come to you in September filled with knowledge but not sure how to put it all together yet.  I love that I help them figure it all out by the end! I absolutely love teaching kids to read.  It's such a gift to show them the power of words!

If you popped into my classroom, you would likely hear my class well before stepping into the room! I believe that kids learn a great deal from others.  So, my rule is that they can talk...as long as they're working! I play a ton of music {love Dr. Jean and Kidz Bop!} and I try to get them up movin' and shakin' as much as possible.  I get antsy sitting for a long time, so I can only imagine how tricky it is for squirrelly little bodies! We sing A LOT!

This is one of my faves - Mousercise Time! Does anyone remember working out with Micky Mouse?

As much as we like to boogie, we do get lots of work done! I could not teach without my Elmo Document Camera! It's perfect for showing how to play games, following along in our math books, or just making fun hand puppets on the white board!
After "one of those days," I will usually head to my sister's house to hangout with these crazies! Being around these silly kids reminds me to not take things too seriously! Oh, and a glass doesn't hurt either :) 

My blogging goal this year is to hit 500 followers! Lofty, but it's a goal, right? I also want to continue to develop the unique friendships I've made through this crazy teacher blogging world!

I hope you can head on over and visit me sometime soon!


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  1. Lucky to be in First is such a cute blog! I'm the blog's newest fan!

    Thank you, Amanda for introducing me to some wonderful new blogs to follow! I enjoy reading your "Budding Blogger Showcase" each week.

    Seconds at the Beach


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