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Have you noticed that I now have a super cute "pin it" graphic that appears when you hover over any image on my blog??  I LOVE this new option and I'm starting to see it on more and more blogs!!

In order for you to see it, I need to insert an image so I'll take this opportunity to do some shameless plugs!  If you've been to the Clubhouse, you may have noticed that we're starting to bundle some of our larger categories that weren't already in UNITS for you.  Why is this so wonderful?  Well, when we bundle our resources into units, you get a discount - 50% off, as a matter of fact!  That means instead of $0.99 per PDF activity, you get them for less than $0.50 each!!!

Here's an example of one of our "newly bundled" units.  These are available at Teacher's Clubhouse or our TpT shop.
 And...one of our items that I get emailed about the most from my class website is now available as a bundle, too!! Our Math Menus - perfect for differentiation and/or early finishers!!

Did you hover??  Don't you just LOVE that Pinterest symbol that pops up!?  I heart it.  I like that it's not "there" all the time, making the image look all icky.  It's like it's hiding until you need it. :)

Now, give it a try!  Pin one of these (shameless, I know.)
See how EASY it is for visitors to pin your pictures now??

Are you wondering why I inserted pictures that I already showcased on my blog??  That's because all three of the above activities are now available in our new Descriptive Writing Unit (below).
And just to keep teasing you with the new Pinterest pop-up image before showing you how to insert your own, here are some more images of some of our units that might come in handy soon!

So, what do you think?  Are you as in love with the Pinterest pop-up as I am?  Do you want to add this option to your blog??  It's easy!

It's as simple as copying and pasting HTML into your blog...Once.  That's it!  Make sure to look at the notes about "repositioning" as the original code places the button in the center, but I thought that was a bit distracting.  You can replace "center" in the code with the other positions provided if you want to change it!  Try it out and leave a comment if you add it to your blog so that I can hop over and see it...and maybe PIN something!

And while I'm plugging away in this post...one more plug...

Just a reminder for all....Are you following the Teacher's Clubhouse TpT shop?  Check and see!  Just 20 more followers and we'll be giving away 4 units of the winners' choice!!!  Click below to read about it!


  1. Great units, sharing with others, and always giving something away! You are so sweet! Thank you!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. Thank you so much! I've been trying for a couple weeks off and on to add the hover button with no success. I finally did it! And your units are adorable...and I just followed your TPT store! Thanks again :)

    Third Grade All Stars

  3. I was wondering about that button! It's so cute. Thanks for sharing :)

    Primary Teacherhood is hosting a Friday Funnies linky party!

  4. I just added that button to my blog last night. It makes Pinterest Love so much easier. :)

  5. LOVE!!! Thank you sooo much for the link to the tutorial!! Added it just a few mn ago. :) And, when I mention it on my blog (soon), I'll link back to you! Thanks so much!
    Growing Firsties

  6. We just made the Trashcan Thesaurus today and I posted a few pics on my blog. They came out great :)

    Teach on a Limb

  7. Thanks for sharing-my pin it button is up and running now YAYYY! I am one of your newest blog followers and I just hopped over to TpT so now I follow Teacher's Clubhouse on TpT.
    More Than Math by Mo

  8. Amanda,
    That Pin It button is so cool! I just added it to my blog, which was timely as my last post was Pinterest related. I will have to blog about it on my next post. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  9. LOVE! I love Pinterest so thank you so much for this tutorial :) And I just pinned a bunch of your stuff of course!


  10. I added the Pin it feature to my blog, but for some reason can't see it on mine and now can't see it on yours! :( Maybe it's my computer acting crazy. Let me know if you can/can't see mine?

    PS I love the snowglobes! We're making ours next week- we're almost done writing our stories!! :)

    ideas by jivey

  11. Thank you for the help of the pinterest hover over! Love it!!!!!!

  12. Thank you for the tip! So helpful. Gotta love Pinterest!!

    The First Grade Scoop
    I'll be having a 100 follower giveaway - stop by, follow my blog, and get ready for some goodies!

  13. I finally got it done!

  14. Okay.. I was wondering if you can help me with a blogging question... When you sign your name in the comment box and you want it to link back to your blog... how does that work? I have tried everything I know..

    Thank you!!


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