Sundays in the South: Home Sweet Home

I really enjoyed waking up to this each morning....
but I am back in the real world now!  It sure was nice to spend a week relaxing and trying to take my mind off of work (yeah, like we ever really do that?!)  I did keep the computer/phone use down to a minimum, so I'm just now getting caught up on everything from the blog world this past week. 

As much as I love the beach, there really is no place like home, right?  I was really excited to get back home to my furry babies, Chloe and Sampson.
I'm so glad we've found a place they love to stay.  They didn't even really want to leave (that made me a little sad).  They did get good report cards for the week though.  ;)  If you're from the Greenville area, I highly recommend WoodRUFF Pet Resort and Spa - Jessica and the staff are amazing!

I totally intended to take lots of pics from vacation to share on here, but, as usual, I didn't want to lug my camera around and so I only got a few pics.  South Carolina definitely has its share of wonderful beaches and I love them all - Fripp, Harbor Island, Hilton Head, Isle of Palms....they're all great for a long weekend with the husband.  But, when we're spending an entire week with the whole family (including the nephews) there's only one beach for me - Myrtle Beach!  We need more than the beach....we need entertainment options, and let's face it...Myrtle Beach has everything!
The skywheel and bungee on the strip.
Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum
Ripley's Haunted Adventure
Wonderworks, an amusement park for the mind :)
Crocodile favorite dueling piano bar!
The music fans we are...we always have to eat at Hard Rock...
...and visit the House of Blues for a concert or Murder Mystery Dinner!

But, my favorite activity is always lounging on the beach with some good reads.  This year, I read....
Not my typical book since I'm a mystery/suspense girl, but I do love some Bethenny and her sarcastic wit, so I enjoyed this book.  Not sure if it would be a good read if you weren't already familiar with Bethenny and her story though.
I read ALL Patterson books and this one was a fast, easy thriller.  I always enjoy his summer books that stand alone and are a break from his series books.

This was the number one suspense book on the Kindle, so I thought I'd try it.  LOVED it!  I seriously couldn't put it down.  It kept me guessing and I loved that.
In fact, I immediately went back and purchased another of this author's books.  I haven't finished this one, so we'll see!
 But mostly, I just lounged and listened to my tunes while people watching.  I could do that all day long!
I did pick up a few souvenirs that I'll use for a classroom project....
....more on that in tomorrow's post!  For now, I've got lots of blog reading to catch up on!  It's great to be back home and I look forward to seeing what you've been up to this week!


  1. Ohhh how I love Myrtle Beach! I've been there several times and need to go back! I would LOVE the dueling piano bar... will have to check that out next time! Welcome back!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. Ahhh I'm jealous! That sounds like a fantastic vacation...glad you're back in the bloggy world:)

  3. Glad you had fun! I live 30 minutes north, in NC on the border, so I avoid MB this time of year :) Pure craziness! Love it in the off season though!

    Fourth Grade Fanatics

  4. Glad you had fun! I'm going to Seaside, FL for a few days this week to work on my daughter's wedding (and relax on the beach!!). I have a boxer...and I hope she has as much fun as yours did!

  5. omg so jealous of your view.. im your newest follower...drop by =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  6. Hi! I'm your latest follower. I love your blog :) I'm glad you are enjoying the lazy days of summer, because the rat race will start soon enough. I love Bethenney too. I haven't read her book, but sounds like I should wait for the paperback version. Have you watched her new talk show? So fun!

    Grade Three is the Place For Me


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