Reindeer Guide Words and Measurement Trees {A FREEBIE}

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to Kelly for winning the Polar Express Giveaway!  I've already sent an email your way! :)

Do you ever have those last minute brainstorms that turn into a bit of brilliance?  Of course, I use the term brilliance loosely. 

We're working on dictionary skills at the moment.  I went to pull out my Guide Words Bee Craftivity today when I realized I should be doing SOMETHING Christmas related since my room was showing no signs of the approaching holiday. 

Suddenly, I had a brainstorm to turn that craftivity into a reindeer one.  After all, the antlers would be perfect for the guide words.  And, Rudolph does "guide" the sleigh, right?  BOOM! Instant change of plans.

Great skill practice.  Cute display.  Win-Win!  So, I came home and got it "blog ready" for you. You can download this little activity for FREE below!

Let's just say I was in the Christmas spirit today!  We nixed our planned measurement activity and did this CUTE and EASY Measurement Christmas Tree activity that my sweet friend (and teammate) Kristen did yesterday.

It was SUPER easy.  I just had the kids fold green paper (one dark green page and one light green page) in half three times.  Then, they opened them and cut the strips along the fold lines. 

We're practicing measuring to the nearest inch at the moment (but you could assign any measurements - half-inch, centimeters, etc), so I had them cut the strips into the following lengths:

Dark Green - one 8 inch, one 6 inch, one 4 inch, one 2 inch
Light Green - one 7 inch, one 5 inch, one 3 inch, one 1 inch

Then they put the strips in order from smallest to largest and glued them onto black construction paper to form a TREE!  They added details of their choosing (tree toppers, trunks, ornaments, gifts, etc).

What are your favorite spur-of-the-moment holiday activities??

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  1. Your guide words activity surely was a "lightbulb" idea! What fun! Thank you.


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