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Today, let's talk math.  I rarely talk math.  I'm a reading and writing girl.  I could read and write with the kiddos ALL.DAY.LONG!  But, standards say I have to teach them some math, too. :)

I like math.  I really do.  I just LOVE reading and writing.  Second-graders LOVE math, though.

I've always implemented some type of math centers or choices - be it "math baskets" or "math menus."  A couple of years ago I began doing math rotations and this year I really feel like I've found something that works...for me.

Whenever we start a new unit, I give students a pretest.  This gives a big picture of what students understand about the concepts in the unit.  Throughout the unit, concepts are introduced whole-group.  After they're taught, I give a little benchmark to see if students grasped the concept.  Based on this benchmark, I group my students.

Of course, some students master it right away - teach it once and they take it and run with it!  Those students are in a group together for enrichment.

Others, grasp the concept but not at mastery - they still need some practice to get there.  These students are in a group for practice.

Others have a "loose grasp" of the concept, but much practice and reinforcement is needed.  These students will make up a group.

While others need several lessons and small-group sessions before they really begin to understand the skill or concept - these students will be in a group together for lots of small group reinforcement.

This is where my rotations come in.  I have 4 rotations to use with these groups...they're easy to remember because they spell MATH. :)

M - Meet with the Teacher
A - Assessments
T - Technology
H - Hands-On Learning

I use PowerPoint to show my rotations for the day.  A day might look something like this...

You can see on this day, Group 1 would start out working with me and then move through the other 3 rotations.  This schedule would allow me to meet with each group during math that day.

Here's a little about what students would be doing in each rotation -

Meet with the Teacher:  Obviously, students would meet with the teacher during this one! ;) This is when I would teach (or reteach) in small groups and provide enrichment, as well.

Assessments:  In this rotation, students would be doing some type of assessment (something for me to collect to see how they're progressing).  It could be a test, quiz, benchmark - but it could also be a center or game with a recording sheet.

Technology:  As this rotation, students are working on the computers or iPad to practice concepts and skills.

Hands-On Learning:  This rotation usually consists of games and/or craftivities.

Stations are usually only 10-15 minutes each.  It just depends on if I started the math block with a whole-group mini-lesson or not. 

Sometimes, I may want to meet with a particular group for a longer period.  If this is the case, I'll use a little different rotation schedule.
Notice the additional STAR.  The star lets me choose an additional activity for groups - you'll notice on the schedule above that I met with Groups 1 and 2 for two back-to-back rotations on this day, giving me more time to work with them.  I did not meet with Groups 3 and 4 at all on this day.  Instead, they had 5 rotations during the math block.

It's not perfect, but this has been working well in my classroom.  Do you do small group instruction in math?  If so, how does it work??

** UPDATE: I've had a lot of requests for the PowerPoint, so you can download it HERE. **

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  1. How often do you group/regroup students based on benchmarks? Do you do math rotations every day? I love math rotations, but I haven't found a perfect system yet. I really like the idea of the extra star rotation on some days to provide extra time for those struggling kiddos to work with you.

  2. On a previous post you commented how you use math homework games instead of worksheets for homework. Are these available on TpT or Teacher's Clubhouse?

  3. Great system, Amanda! I love your added "star" rotation. Some days, I find that the 10 minutes I have with each group just isn't enough. An extended rotation would be perfect! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  4. I like the MATH acronym use!! Great idea!
    The E-Z Class

  5. I have attempted something like this but it hasn't been great. I love your PowerPoint...would you be willing to share that???? Thanks for all of your great ideas!!

  6. I am SOOO glad you posted this right now! I was just racking my brain to try and come up with a good way to rotate through those math groups like I do with my reading groups! THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEEDED! The star helps because I often end up with 5 groups as some are far beyond and some are far behind in a concept. I also would like to know more about your units (is it a series- or one that you came up with?) And with that I would like to know if you would share your power point also! Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. Thank you for this post, I have been stuck on how exactly to set up math centers and this is a perfect jumping off point! Would you be willing to share your powerpoint for the group rotations? I love the MATH acronym!

  8. I do math rotations as well. This is my first year doing them and I am loving it!! I do like how yours seem to be a little more flexible! Think I need to work that in to mine. I tend to get into a pattern and don't know how to get!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  9. You are genius! Seriously, I wish I worked with you! :) For now, I will have to cherish NC/SC blogger meet ups ;)

  10. I love this! I've done similar structures, but I love how organized this is - would make it so much easier for me and the kiddos! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! :)

    One Lesson at a Time

  11. Thank you for sharing! I have tried to implement math stations, but haven't mastered it yet. This is going to be a great help!

  12. This is just great!! Thank you! Love the powerpoint!


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