My FIRST Monday-Made-It of the Summer!

Where has the summer gone?  I get really depressed when I think about all of the Monday-Made-Its I completed last year and realize that I haven't completed even ONE this year!


Well, seeing that yesterday I realized that I go back to work NEXT WEEK, I have been in frenzy mode today!

And, in all of that bustle, I finally have a Monday-Made-It....not saying how great it is, but I did "make" it! ;)

I've been wondering what to use for my hall display this year.  Last year, I bought canvases and had a "painting party" on the first day of school where each of my little Mon-STARS created their very own monster display.  What was I thinking??!?
The paintings turned out adorable, but...a PAINTING PARTY on the FIRST DAY of SCHOOL????

I wanted to go a different route this year. ;)

I found these wooden frames at Michael's.
You know, I'm the worst at pictures, right?  This is the only "before" pic I have.  They were wooden and came in a pack of 2.  They had little stickers all over them.  The front frame had this purple sticker (above) on it and the back frame had a black sticker and the white barcode sticker. 

They were stubborn.  After spending about 10 minutes trying to get the first sticker off and being left with 1,589 itty-bitty pieces of sticker, I remembered a trick I had seen on pinterest!

I used the hairdryer to heat up each sticker (10-20 seconds) and then they peeled right off without leaving any residue!  Holla!  I LOVE that pinterest!  The hairdryer "melts" the adhesive and stickers or labels come right off after being heated!  Woot!

Then, I my hubby spray painted them red and turquoise to match my room.

Meanwhile, I used washi tape to cover some clothespins.

Here is the final product.

 I used 3M hooks and ribbon to hang them in the hall.
I plan to have each student draw his/her own monster on the first day of school and will use glue dots to attach them to the back.  Their work will be attached with the clothespins.
I think it will still be a cute display (that I can use over and over) and save the sanity of a teacher on the first day of school. ;)

I also REmade my center signs and rotation cards....

Maybe a post on those later??  Looks like I'll be heading back to school tomorrow! So much to do and so little time - but, I don't have to tell you that do I?  :)

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  1. I love the red with turquoise! This is such a great way to decorate and display work:) Thanks for sharing!!!

    The Math Maniac

  2. I love your frames. They are so bright and fun.

  3. i love the adorable frames!! Very nice for displaying student work!!

    Resource Room Rules

  4. I love the look of your frames! Great to use year round!


  5. Your monster wall is so awesome... it's scary! Haha! I love it, thanks for sharing!
    Teaching 3rd with Mr. G
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  6. Your frames are adorable! I buy dollar tree frames and display my students' self portraits in them. It's amazing what a frame can do... the kids love that their work is important enough to be framed (I wish I could just frame all their work).

    Your hallway display will look great! I can't hang anything up in my hallway yet, so I will just admire your work until I can decorate my own hallway :-)

    Seconds at the Beach

  7. The frames turned out great; I love them!

    I bought those same ones to paint for my daughter's bathroom redo and those stickers were such a pain in the behind! I may or may not have had a slight hissy fit as I spent what felt like hours scraping the sticky stuff off of them. At one point, I busted out the sandpaper, finally gave up and painted over it anyway. Sigh. So, I feel your pain there; but seriously, your hallway looks great!

    Your kids are going to think that their work is extra special being featured in those fancy frames!

    Primarily Speaking

  8. Those frames are so, so cute! And I will definitely remember that sticker advice. Nothing drives me crazier than wasting my time trying to peel those off!
    Carolina Teacher

  9. I love your frames! That does seem much more manageable on the first day of school. I wish I had some hallway space to hang their work.

    Swimming into Second

  10. Love what you did with those frames!! I have some hanging in my house...they are so cute!

    :) Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  11. I love those frames! Your hallway display will be too cute!!

  12. I love the colors of your frames. I am currently working on a digital pack of paper with those two colors in it. I hope to have it up soon in my TpT store. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Your monSTAR pictures frames are adorable!! You are very clever.

    Hooty's Homeroom

  14. These are the best frames! I love what you did to make them even better. So cute!

    Fun in Room 4B

  15. Ohmigosh, that is the cutest display idea I've ever seen! Love the frames and the color choice! Too cute. :)

    Read With Me ABC

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  17. I love those frames! What a great idea for a hallway display.

    Tales from a Schoolyard

  18. We definitely have to think about saving our sanity. I love the frames. They will make the monsters seem so fancy :-)

    room 4 imagination

  19. Your frames look fabulous! Never made it over on Monday, so I'm glad you linked it up again in your Five for Friday!

    Have a wonderful start to the year!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers


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