A Little Birthday Treat Idea

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I love birthdays.  I love school.  It just so happens that my very first day of school (kindergarten) was also my 5th birthday!  What a wonderful birthday present for a future teacher. ;)

Every few years, my birthday (August 21) still falls on the first day of school....this happens to be one of those years!  I always like to do a little something extra special when this happens.

I remembered seeing this idea on Pinterest a while back, but for the life of me I couldn't find it again!  Oh well, I went off of memory.  If you know where this original idea came from, let me know and I'll add a source.

How precious, right?  I searched every store I could think of for cups with these domed lids, but no luck!  So, I headed to Starbucks and they were kind enough to donate a class set of their tall-sized cups (the smaller the better...less to fill!)

I dropped a few pieces of candy inside the bottom of the cup (I did a few smarties, tootsie rolls, hershey kisses, and a laffy taffy), then piled on the whipped cream white crinkled-paper (Hobby Lobby in the wrapping paper aisle). 
I bought sparkly, skinny duct tape (also Hobby Lobby) to wrap around the cup and then made a label to go on the front. 

My husband poked holes in the lids so that I could slide the straw pencil into the lid.  Of course, you could add cute sparkly or patterned pencils, but all of mine are at school so for this photograph, I used THE pencil. #ticonderogarules

Finally, I topped it off with a red cherry lollipop that I found at Party City (24 pack on the red-themed aisle).

I almost want to keep them and give them to students on THEIR special days, but I guess I need to search for another cute idea for that....any ideas??  I do have one other new birthday treat up my sleeve that I'll share about tomorrow!
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  1. Those cups are adorable! My birthday (September 6th) used to fall on the first day of school sometimes too. Now it usually falls in the craziness of the second or third week of school.
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. Well that is just too precious for words. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! My birthday is usually on the last day of school (June 5th). It will be this year! :)

  3. Those turned out adorable!!! I might have to "borrow" the idea! My birthday is usually the day after our state testing! We always celebrate...LOL!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. Amanda, I just LOVE this idea! Time to run to Starbucks I think :)
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!!

  5. These look amazing! They're simply delightful! Last year I made paper balloons and attached them to curly straws, like I'm sure you've seen just about everywhere! Even though they're simple, the kids still seem to love them! Even more special are the birthday books my kids make. Each student writes a letter to birthday boy or girl on their special day. I staple the letters together and add a fancy cover. This is the child's birthday gift! They love to read through the letters and the parents like the book, too!

    I'm going to post about the birthday book on Monday Made It because I'm currently working on birthday "stuff" for my classroom right now!

    I just love birthdays! Happy Early Birthday!

    Seconds at the Beach

  6. Adorable!! I think Taco Bell also uses the dome cups for their "freezes."

  7. My birthday (16th) used to occasionally fall on the first day of school Here in Texas they have changed the law - school can't start any earlier that the week of the 27th without a waiver from the state.
    Happy upcoming birthday - you share it with another great gal... my daughter!

    The 85 Mile Commute

  8. These are ADORABLE!!! I can't wait to see your next birthday idea -- I'm in need of a cute idea!

    That's So Second Grade!

  9. I love Birthday celebrations!!!
    I can't wait for my kiddos birthdays.


  10. My birthday is Sept. 9, so it's almost ALWAYS on the 1st or 2nd day of school. I started high school on my b-day, 1st grade on my b-day. And I always got school supplies for my b-day {cue the Price is Right loser horn}. It's the worst bday to have when you're a teacher because all your friends {who're usually teachers} are all so busy with the start of school they sorta forget.

    Anyhoo...I love love love that cute idea you posted. How thoughtful of you to put that together for your kiddos. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great school year! Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  11. These are ADORABLE! Love, love, love them!

  12. What a cute idea! We have a birthday card that all of the students sign, and then I also give an English cracker-ish gift (an empty paper towel roll with goodies and wrapped in tissue paper). The students love these! I also make sure to schedule "un-birthdays" for the students who have summer birthdays so that they do not miss out on the gift and card. Those students are always the most appreciative!


  13. I was hoping you would post about these beauties after I saw them on Instagram. I will be sending my room to Starbucks to get me some cups :) My birthday is the day before yours!
    My Second Sense

  14. What a fun idea! I love it! Are the labels you made available at TpT? I would love to recreate them for my class!

  15. Adorable! They looked like real sundaes to me at first! :)


  16. These birthday "drinks" are adorable! We can't give out candy or food items at our school, but I could add erasers, stickers, etc. for my Thanksgiving time birthday. They'd even be a great way to wrap goodies for guests at my daughter's party. The possibilities go on! Thanks for the idea.

  17. These are so stinking precious!!! I'm loving it & thinking about doing this for my kiddos!!! :) Thanks for sharing!! :)

    Surviving the Little People

  18. Hi! I LOVE this idea! Would it be possible to download your label or do you happen to have a link? I think yours is ADORABLE and I'd like to use it too!

  19. These are adorable! Are the labels you made available on TpT? They should be! :)


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