What are you REQUIRED to post in your classroom?

Yikes!  I just realized that it was ONE YEAR ago today that I officially started this crazy little blog off mine!  I have a one-year anniversary giveaway in the works that will kick off this weekend!  THANK YOU to everyone who has joined me on this journey!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a part of the blogging family....even if I struggled with the balance of keeping up with it during this first year! ;)

I have a question for you - Do you have certain things that you are required to post in your classroom?  Over the past few years it seems that this list has been growing in our district/school.  We just received an email yesterday from our principal that just made me cringe.

It started off by saying to remember that LESS is more when decorating your classroom.  Put up only the essential items on walls to begin the school year. 

Wonderful - agreed!

But, then it went on to list these "essentials" -

1.  Word Wall
2.  Calendar Math
3.  Counting Tape
4.  Data Board (place to graph all student data throughout the year)
5.  State Writing Rubric (poster-sized and student friendly)
6.  Editor's Checklist (poster-sized and student friendly)
7.  School SOAR Expectations (school-wide behavior rules - poster-sized)
8.  Daily Essential Question Board
9.  Covey 7 Habits
10.  Leave space for class anchor charts and student work to be posted during the first month of school

&*%$&**((^^&*$@#  REALLY????

Geez!!  When did our classrooms become so cookie-cutter?  When did the "higher-ups" get to decide what our individual students need?  Ugh!  Maybe it's just the rebel in me not wanting to be TOLD exactly what needs to be on my classroom walls and when!

Students never even glance at most of the stuff on the list above, so much of it is just a WASTE and then there's not room to post things that I know they truly need and would use!

Then, the email ended with "There is such as thing as too much information.  We have more and more students with attention issues and they are easily overstimulated with a lot of things on the walls."

Ya think???  I'm not even ADD and I'm overstimulated by just LOOKING at that list of things to post!!

So, I'm asking you....what, if anything does your school/district require you to post on the walls of your classroom?


  1. I know for next school year, we are suppose to post our learning objectives. Those essential things are a lot! Wow!

    1. Right? I think that it's a little too much! ;)

  2. Also a SC blogger and we are required to post objectives/standards, anchor charts, and content vocabulary.
    That is quite a bit of info to be mandatory...
    We will be getting a new "P" in the fall so we shall see what the new expectations will be.
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

    1. That sounds reasonable...hoping nothing changes for you! I remember those days! ;P

  3. Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary! I have been following you since the beginning. I totally agree that districts require way too many things to be posted on the walls in classrooms. I am a firm believer that students need to see the rubrics and checklists that they will be graded on, but there is no reason that they need to be posted on the walls at all times. I would much prefer to have student copies of a lot of the required items, so that the students could take them out when they need them. A lot of the other things could be done digitally and projected when needed. Many administrators and district personnel haven't been in the classroom recently, and do not understand how much room all of the essential items take up in a classroom or how distracting they can be to students.

  4. I'm feeling like you, what are we NOT supposed to post on our 2 yes only 2 bulletin boards. Data Wall, Interactive Word Wall, Everyday Math Number Grid, EM Thermometer, EM growing number line, Classroom Expectations, Classroom Procedures, Great Expectations Quotes. I teach 1st and the Data Wall, well they don't get it. at the beginning of the year they don't have a clue about grades. I totally agree with you, our district has a curriculum guide for every subject that we are supposed to follow WITH FIDELITY. Then we do a book study on differentiated instruction. So am I allowed to decide what is best for the students in my class or not. OOPS! Your post really touched a nerve, if you can't tell. Sorry!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. oh my gosh! we arent required to put anything!!!! I wish I had some requirements, or I wish we had requirements so that each class would have access to the same things!

  6. We post the math vocabulary words for the unit we are studying and that's about it. I am free to choose whatever else I want (or don't want.) If less is more, your list is definitely more!

    Congrats on your one year blogiversary!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  7. Yikes! The word "required" has never been used, but it has been recommended to hang our PBIS expectations (11x17ish) and a word wall is encouraged. Other than that, we can decorate as we see fit. If I had received that email, I would be quite frustrated, too!

  8. Wow! I am moving to a new school next year, but at my old school we were required to hang several of our writing rubrics and school-wide bullying posters.


  9. I have to honestly say that right now we haven't been "required" to hang anything specific on our walls. If anything at all, maybe just our PBIS expectations. But that's usually a given because they go right along with our rules for the classroom. I really hope that we don't get an email like yours ANYTIME soon!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  10. Bullying Policy (Spanish/English), district learner outcomes (Spanish/English), rules and consequences, school (principal's:) motto, two different legal complaint procedures (Spanish/English), bell schedule, and the standards for our daily lessons...and I am pretty sure there is at least one that I missed:). At least the legal mumble jumble posters are 12x18, and the kids never even glance at them.

  11. Wow! Seems like you are required to post a lot of items around your room! We have to post our PBIS expectations and a few other things but that's it! We are also encouraged to have others like a word wall, number line, etc. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I am also at the one year mark and just posted about my giveaway. Stop by and enter!

    Lacy's Letters

  12. I'm right there with you. Sounds like your admin just went to some admin conference and some idiot gave them a list! I notice whenever an admin in our district goes to PD, they come back all hyped up on something that they immediately delegate as "best practice" and "research based."

  13. Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary! In our district we have to post daily objectives, the big concept, steps for the students when they complete independent work, PBIS expectations and matrix, sentence frames for the students so they can answer our closure questions, universal access rules, math board, vocab. cards, and Big Idea Wall for our reading series. I think that is it. We have people from our district constantly coming through our rooms with their clipboards evaluating everyone's teacher. It is very stressful to say the least!


    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  14. Huh...I really don't think we are REQUIRED to post anything. The word they use in our district is "encouraged". We are "encouraged" to post our learning objectives/I can statements for CCSS. We are "encouraged" to use the alphabet/number posters that came with our Handwriting program (though I don't. Let's hear it for the rebels!) We were "encouraged" to post number lines, etc that came with our Everyday Math program, but we adopted a new math curriculum this year, so who knows what will be encouraged now:) Less is definitely more, but does it every happen??

  15. Wow - we are supposed to post learning objectives for math and reading. As far as I know, everything else is our choice. In my room, your list would take a lot of my wall space that I have available. I guess I would be a little rebel too, because one thing I really like putting up is the children's work. I also put up anchor charts that only stay up while we're using them. That would kinda stink.
    On the other hand, congrats on your blog anniversary. You have lots of great ideas that I appreciate you sharing! Have a good rest if the day! Sara

  16. Congrats on your one year bloggy anniversary!
    I'm really lucky that I'm not told what I have to put up or not. It is solely left up to the teacher. I'm sure there are things that are suppose to be up and I'm sure I have them up like alphabet and numbers things like that but no one as ever told me what I had to have up or what I'm not allowed to put up. I really hate seeing when teachers are not allowed to do their job. We know that we need and what the kids need. Let us do it:) just my 2 cents worth:)

    The Busy Busy Hive

  17. We are required to post the hierarchy of the district in our rooms. From the SI, to principal, to asst. principal, to teacher, to para, to number of students broken down to boy and girl. Out of the 6 years that I have been teaching I only hung it up once... I would rather have a welcome sign up on my door. I figure the parents and students know the principal's names, my name, and they can count the number of boys and girls in the class if they really wanted to.


    1. A hierarchy of the district??? There's no ego flowing there, is there?? Gee!!

  18. Congrats on your blogiversary! Mine's is approaching soon as well!

    When I first read what your email said, I thought..what? no cuteness/creativity/etc??? nooo! Then I read your list...geez! Covey's Habits for primary kiddos?! Really?! I sympathize with you...With any student work posted, me must put the objective/task/standards addressed/rubric. We must post class rules/expectations/consequences (+ and - ) and have a visible behavior plan (most, if not all primary teachers do so no biggie. Daily schedules, a procedure page for something (oops I forgot but I know it's up there...I think it's for complaints). District folk (not my immediate admins) like to see the same activities posted in each (in my case) first grade classroom. O_o Fortunately my admin doesn't completely agree with that thought...same standards sure, same tasks, not so much.

    ~ Ms Apple Blossoms
    Apple Blossoms

  19. We used to have to have a poster "Portrait of a graduate" but I haven't heard much about that lately...so I don't haha...we are not really required to have anything in particular...however we found out that we can not have anything at all at least 3 feet around our door on the wall...we also can not post too much paper on the walls inside and outside the classroom....so says the fire marshall so this will be hard to NOT do that next year....:(
    PS. How do you get your blog as a hyperlink when you post a comment on someone's blog...off topic sorry....


  20. Congratulatuons on one year! I am new to blogging and I am trying to figure everything out. Your site looks great!
    We are required to post many of the same things you listed along with our daily objectives. Most of the time I feel like I run out of space to put everything! As you stated, I don't think my students even look at it all. I wish there weren't so many requirements.

  21. Ditto on the congrats; I enjoy your blog immensely! We are only required to have safety info posted close to our doors for subs and to have our class rules along with consequences posted as we wish, where we wish. Our principal has been at our school for over 25 years and with that experience comes a great deal of knowledge as to what is worthwhile and what is simply waste. As long as one puts forth genuine effort and is willing to work for the best interests of the students, she lets us manage our own classrooms. I would not work anywhere else. I actually feel like a professional thanks to her.

  22. Oh my goodness that doesn't leave much for your own decision making. Plus, how can it be said "less is more" with all of the required items. We are required to post our PBiS expectations (behavior) essential questions (new this year) and daily objectives. There are a few district required documents for emergencies and compliance. We have a fire code limit that no more that 20% of the walls can be covered and nothing closer than 12 inches from the ceiling and no fabric in the room. Other than that we can put up what we want.

    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

  23. We are only suppose to have a word wall

  24. I must have a word wall and a math wall and learning goals posted. I need to have a Bump it Up board (learning goals, student work and feedback posted) on display that the students use. We are supposed to have expectations up next to any student work. I also have stupid ice cream cones that represent Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 work that no student has ever once looked at or asked about but take up valuable space. I hate "required" postings! Your list is crazy. I hope they are giving you a double classroom to post all of that. Of course don't let the fire marshall catch you with all that paper posted!

  25. Congrats on 1 year!! I am amazed at how far you have come in only 1 year... you inspire me! :) If you need help with the giveaway.. I'd be happy to contribute :)

    We only have the requirement of our school "Grizzly 5" rules and our "I Can" statements! That is a ridiculous list... the rebel in me would be itching to come out, too!! Talk about over stimulating... geesh! Good luck with all of that! I am so sorry you have to deal with it! I'm sure you will cutestify them all and make them look great, though!


  26. We are required to post our PBIS rules and matrix and learning objectives for Reading and Math. The rest of it is up to us. It seems as though the higher ups do keep trying to enforce what we are required to post, teach, use, etc. Instead of just approaching the one or two people in the group who aren't doing what they expect, they try to make us all do the same thing. You would think they could trust us to know what our kiddos need right?!?

  27. We have to post: data board, standards-based board for EVERY subject with student work and commentary, county mission statement, word wall, calendar math, EQs and standards, program card...I think that's it... :(

    Teachery Tidbits

  28. Oh gosh... our list is ridiculous... Whiteboard protocol- standards for the week and objectives, daily agenda, homework, and morning work. IB bulletin board. IB attitudes. IB Learner Profiles. (these two make up about 22 paper sized posters) IB umm gosh I am drawing a blank but there are another around 14 paper sized posters). A pocket chart that includes- newsletter, IB newsletter, monthly reteaching calendar, lesson plans, class list, and IB unit. A word wall. Parking lot (IB). School posters (map, emergency procedures, mission statement, rules, etc). Class rules with consequences and rewards. It is a LOT of stuff. It didn't leave much room for anything else. Anchor charts, forget it!
    Third Grade Tidbits

    1. Oh and calendar math. And I feel like there are a couple other things too I just can't remember right now. Oh- a chart that has our info on it (name, email, phone number...)

  29. Yikes! Your list seems a little excessive. What I find most interesting is the data board. Really?!? Isn't that info supposed to be at least some-what private?!? Hmm, best of luck "decorating" your classroom.

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  30. oh golly! They tell us so many things are required and no one ever bothers because no one bothers to check! We are required to have a word wall, our PAWS (PBIS expectations), voice level chart, and "theme quote" I guess is the best term for this. It's like our mantra for the year. We must also post standards in kid friendly I can statements. That's why I made mine so I could switch them quickly!
    AND we cannot have anything on our outside doors per the fire inspector. I also cannot hang anything from my ceilings and all posters must be at least two cinder blocks from the ceiling. let me tell you how much I care....zilch! I hate seeing everyone's pretty pom-poms!!

  31. First off, congrats on your one year blogging anniversary! I cannot believe how contradictory that email you received was! Telling you what you have to put up then saying too much is overstimulating...made me laugh! Thankfully, we are not required to have any one thing (except fire escape route) posted in our rooms. This leaves me plenty of space to cater to my students needs. Hopefully it won't be as much of a nightmare for you as it sounds!

    For the Love of First Grade

  32. Congrats on one year!! :) How exciting!
    As for your email, wow, and I'm sorry. We have similar requirements (calendar math, essential questions, standards, classroom rules, consequences/rewards system, alphabet, word wall, district "Mission statement", student learning maps, and student work with commentary. THEN, we get "don't overstimulate and be mindful of the Fire Marshall policies". Uhhh...okay ,sure.

    They tried having us all put up data charts, but it didn't stick, thankfully. Wishing you the best on decorating!! :/

    First Grade Fairytales

  33. Congratulations on your blogiversary! It's so inspiring (as a new blogger) to think you just got started a year ago! As for your question, it seems like an insane amount of stuff you're required to put up! We have to put up a word wall, school-wide expectations, and 7 habits posters. I do put up a calendar and alphabet, but I'm not actually sure if that's required. Luckily, that's about it. Good luck fitting all your stuff into your room. Maybe you could make all those things into a slide show and just leave it scrolling on a computer or smartboard, ha!

    Carolina Teacher

  34. We need to have a daily agenda which states the learning objective, our schoolwide PBIS values, and homework.

  35. We have to have Daily 5 expectations posted and also learning scales for each objective in math, reading, and writing as we are working on them. UGH!

  36. For the last few years, our struggling Pre-K - 8th grade school has had a variety of mandates regarding what we must post ON our whiteboards at the front of our rooms. To me (an elementary teacher) it seems that the requirements are somewhat practical for middle school (especially math) classrooms, where the subject area is singular. However, in an elementary classroom, whether self-contained or as out school has done, teams of two teaching 2 - 3 subject areas. A large portion of the whiteboard is consumed with these lists.
    Our new principal has mandated the following be posted, called the "Common Board Configuration": (I'm going from memory and might miss one or 2) date, Bell Starter/Opener, Common Core Standards, Lesson Objectives, "I can" Statements, Essential Questions, Agenda (for each subject taught), and Summary or Closer. This is to be written at the left side of the whiteboard by every teacher of every subject or combination of subjects. We did get notification that for teachers of multiple subject areas, these things can be written on chart paper instead of on the board.
    I DO have a question. If I ask anyone other than a few close friends at work, I will have to be told I am negative. I'm not asking to be negative, a rebel or renegade, or just being difficult. I really NEED to know. What about listing the state standards, and objective, AND the kid-friendly objective (I can statements) makes the children learn more? What about listing all those things makes me a more effective teacher? I'm still researching to find an answer to this, because I'm a "why" type person. I know writing kid-friendly objectives that essentially restate a standard gives children a purpose, but it feels like overkill and a fruitless effort.

    1. OH I realized that I only listed the stuff required on the whiteboard (did I mention that some teachers have a SmartBoard ON their whiteboard and still have to put it all) anyway . . . We also have been REQUIRED to post our CHAMPs expectations and routines, Thinking Maps, student work with the standards and scale or rubric attached, of course rules, a Word Wall, (many teachers have a couple of these as they are mandated to be used for subject area vocabulary, but not necessarily higher-order words) and there is more, I have forgotten.


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