Week 2 Freebie and Sundays in the South

First, let's get to the reason why you're probably here....FREEBIES!! 
Thank you so much to everyone who shared our Summer Bucket Units Freebie last week!  Over 4,000 teachers downloaded that 86-page freebie!  WOW! {If only, all of those teachers were following our TpT shop!} ;)  That file is now for sale {$4.99} in our shop.  If you missed out on it as a freebie, we still think that's a great deal for all that is included in that unit!

Now......{drum roll}......for the WEEK 2 FREEBIE.....
{Click the image above to access the FREEBIE}
As you've seen on my blog over the past month or so, I incorporated a lot of "wonderful worm" ideas into my classroom....mostly measurement activities or literature extensions.  All of those activities have been compiled into a new 56-page unit and it is this week's FREEBIE!!
{Click the image above to access the FREEBIE}
There is probably something in this unit that could be used with every grade level....so, hop on over and pick up your copy today!   Feel free to share about our birthday freebies on your blog so ALL teachers can celebrate with us!!  4 more weeks to go!! :)

Sundays in the South
If you're new to my blog, on Sundays I like to step away from teaching {as much as possible} and share "other" stuff.

The highlight of this week was seeing Darius Rucker in concert!!!  This was not my first time seeing him in concert.  I saw him last year with Lady Antebellum, and since he's ALSO a University of South Carolina alumni, die-hard Gamecock, and football season-ticket holder I get to see him perform the National Anthem and throw surprise concerts in the Farmer's Market before games from time to time.

I LOVE HIM!!  LOVE!!  But, he'll always be "Hootie" to me. ;)  The last time I saw him {with Lady A} he completely stole the show and I told my husband he HAD to go with me when he came back as a headliner {I absolutely knew it wouldn't be long!}

As soon as I mentioned that he sang "Purple Rain" I knew the hubs would definitely be there.  You see, he's not a huge country fan {with the exception of Zac Brown Band}, but he LOVES some Prince {and, yes, we've seen him in concert...AMAZING!}

Being the professional concert-goers that we are {in the past year we've seen Darius, Carrie Underwood, Kid Rock, Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Aerosmith, Nickelback} we have an app to find the set-lists and we usually burn a CD of the concert for the drive.  Well, when the hubs found Darius's set list he was not happy that he had JUST stopped singing Purple Rain (since his new album was just released).  Agh!

Well, since Darius and I are so close {I am NOT making this up!  He actually sent ME a friend request on Facebook...which may or may not have almost made me drop dead on the spot.}  Of course, I accepted that request IMMEDIATELY!

So, since we're "friends" and all, I took it upon myself to beg ask him via Twitter if he would PLEASE throw in "Purple Rain" to the setlist again....just for the hubs.  It couldn't hurt to ask, right?!?

Anyway, Friday night we headed to our local outdoor ampitheater where the concert was being held {the same FAB location of the hot-air balloon event we just hosted!} 

We got an email to get there early because it was a sell-out with a record-breaking attendance record!  Our hometown {homestate?} boy, Darius, broke the previous record by over 4,000 people!!  Whoot!  Let's just say that Gamecock Nation showed up!!  The hubs said he had never seen that much garnet and black in one location, outside of a college event.

Jana Kramer opened and then Justin Moore played.  My husband then looked at me and said, "This is the first time I've ever felt like I'm out of place at a concert!" Bahahah!  What can I say?  To both be born and raised right here in the upstate of South Carolina, we're definitely not your typical country-lovin', huntin' and fishin', Wrangler-wearin' type of people!
With that being said, I do like *some* country music, and Justin was good!  But, the people were definitely there to see Darius!
What is NOT to love about this guy??  It's definitely not that hat! :)  He is just so infectious on the stage!  Out of every single person we've ever seen in concert, Darius is the one that just seems to have the MOST FUN up on the stage!  He really loves what he does and the audience can tell it!
The highlights of the show for me were {of course} any time he played a Blowfish song, when he played Joker, Family Tradition, Alright, and Radio.  I *adore* his new song Radio.  I think if it's released the summer, it could be the country summer hit of the year. ;)
He came back out for an encore of Wagon Wheel.....and.....Purple Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I let the hubs know that he can thank me personally anytime.  I know exactly why he threw that back in to the show at the end!  Thanks, friend! :)

We don't really have any concerts planned for this summer (sniff, sniff), although there is a chance that we'll drive to see Cyndi Lauper while we're on vacation since that's the only time she's coming anywhere close to us and this tour is all 80s!!

But, we do have tickets to see BRUNO MARS and MAROON 5 {again} in the Fall!  I'm not rushing my summer away {certainly since it hasn't even started yet}, but at least I have TWO THINGS to look forward to when that time rolls around!

For now, I have to finish wrapping up this year....which means preparing parent gifts and working on next week's freebie!  If I make it through my last full day of school tomorrow, I'll see you then! :)


  1. Wow! Enjoy your concerts! Love the freebieM

  2. Amanda,
    Loving the Worm Unit...however if I were asked to pick one up,that may be a different story! lol
    A thought came to mind...this could be used in September, to promote Reading during the school year...as Become a Book Worm This School Year..we don't have to limit it just to Spring.... Plus on Pinterest they have the bag of worms..to give out. I don't know if I can wait until next Spring! Thanks for the Freebie!

  3. O.h m.y w.o.r.d...I cannot believe you are friends with Hootie! That story is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for the wonderful freebie, and enjoy the rest of your summer (with or without more incredible musical experiences!).

  4. That's Bruno Mars in ATL right? Maybe I'll see you there! ;-)
    ideas by jivey
    Follow me on Facebook!

  5. Oh I'm so jealous that you got to see Darius! Love me some Hootie! Your pictures are great! Thanks for sharing! Our SC boys are the BEST!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  6. Thanks so much for the wonderful unit. I do follow you there :) Promise,
    My Second Sense

  7. Oh I bet Darius was awesome in concert!! I love, love, love country so I know I would've enjoyed it! How fun!

  8. Love this week's freebie and also the Summer Buckets freebie from last week. I've been a customer of Teacher's Clubhouse since 2008 when you made me some custom Hollywood Decor for my 4th grade classroom. Thanks for always being an inspiration!
    Leading and Reading

  9. I love going to concerts, but unfortunately my husband is not a fan. I'm also not much into country, and since I'm a (little) bit older than you my taste runs to the more classic rock-n-roll. The first concert I ever saw was Queen in Saarbrucken, Germany!

    Have a great summer!

  10. Thanks for the freebie! That is awesome about Darius Rucker throwing in Purple Rain at the end. You must have felt like one proud wife when that happened! :)

    Adventures in Room 204

  11. What an amazing weekend you had! I know that concert must have been amazing (I'm still jealous, by the way) :) That's pretty cool that he friend requested you!! Have a great week! Thanks for the awesome freebie.
    Fun in Room 4B

  12. Thanks for sharing your concert stories! Last summer I had tickets in the pit for Darius Rucker and Lady A and it was fabulous! Justin Moore is from a small town about 20 minutes from where I live and I have family who grew up with him! Thanks for a freebie, enjoy your first few days of summer break!

  13. Thank you so much for the awesome freebie! That worm unit is adorable!! What a great resource!!!

  14. I LOVED your summer buckets freebie!! Thank you SO much! My buckets didn't look nearly as great as yours but I loved my first attempt:) You can see my post in the link below. Thanks again, Amanda!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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