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Here's what I'm CURRENTLY up to....linking up with Farley!

I just realized that it is March!!  The 1st!  Time for Currently.
But, since I just posted for today.....I'm writing this post for tomorrow {Saturday!}
Since it's Friday, there is nothing on TV.  Since I'm uncool, I'm home on a Friday.  Add those two together and that's why I'm listening to the news.  BOO!  When did I become old?  And boring?
I love that it is March.  That means that spring is just around the corner.  And spring means dresses.  And open-toed shoes.  Those two things make me SMILE.  Big time.
But, it's March.  That means it is bound to snow around here.  It's been warm all winter.  But we always seem to have our coldest days in March.  And guess what?  There's a chance of snow tomorrow!!  I just saw it on the news.  That's the perk of being old and boring. :)

It can't snow tomorrow!  I'm taking my nephews to the Reedy River Rivalry...that's when my Gamecocks play our rivals {that team from the Upstate} here at our minor league stadium.  It's always cool to have one game in the series on neutral turf.  But snow?  That is NOT baseball weather!!!
I know you have ALL seen the Harlem Shake videos that are taking over the world, right?  Just in case someone somewhere has been living under a rock, here's one of my favorites with Jeff Gordon and his team...
There honestly doesn't seem to be any "rules" to the actual dancing involved in this, so I think I could handle it.  Wouldn't it be so much fun to do one of these videos with your class?  I think it would be adorable!!
I am desperately in need of a manicure.  I've always had acrylic nails.  My real nails are paper thin.  But I despise getting my nails done.  Not the actual process, just the time spent sitting there.  It feels like such a waste of time and I just sit there thinking about the billion things I could be doing that would be more productive.  So, about a month ago I had the acrylic removed.  They talked me into using gel polish since my nails are so thin, but that took just as long to put on and remove each time, so I had that take off, too.  Now, my nails are so ugly.  I hate them.  As soon as they grow out a teeny-weeny bit, they fold and break.  I'm REALLY trying to hold out in the hopes that they're going to get stronger, but at the moment I hate them.  Maybe a manicure would help.
Like, Love, Hate:
Farley is killing me with this last one.  Like, love, and hate - one word each that begins with the first letter of your first name.  Amanda - A.  A is so hard!  Can I change my name for the day?? ;)

LIKE - I like Adam Levine.  What can I say?  I'm obsessed with his music and style.  The countdown is on....26 more days until the Maroon 5 concert!!!

Check this out...I know these are usually with Ryan Gosling, but... Psshhhh...this one is so much better.  Feel free to send it to your attendance clerk to reward you for remembering to take attendance! lol
 LOVE - I love Andy!  That one was easy!  My husband.  Honestly, I got super lucky in the husband department.  He is so thoughtful and makes me try to be more thoughtful.  :)

HATE - I hate arachnophobia.  Okay, so I really hate spiders.  But I also hate that I have arachnophobia to the extent that I do.  I need therapy.  It was a good thing that I was out on Wednesday.  We had "Critter Keepers" come to our school.  They brought tarantulas {seriously, I just about died typing that word and I still can't look at it on my computer screen}.  I would have died.  I jumped up from my desk screaming one day last week because I saw a teeny weeny spider {think pinhead-sized} crawl across my desk.  ALL of my kiddos came running over to my rescue. {heroes} Okay, now I'm hyperventilating so this has to be the end of my post.

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  1. I am so happy to see your blog is fixed. A was a hard name - I picked ants for an A thing to hate (well ants that get in the house).

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. *I hear ya with the /A/ words. My picks were a struggle. *I am sooooo excited for Daylight Savings. I love spring and summer! *I must be too old to get on board with the Harlem Shake. It looks like they are having seizures. However, I'm sure the kiddos would love it!
    Take care and stay warm!

  3. I'm an "A" name too, and it took me quite a while to think of something. I didn't even think of Adam Levine..he could have been my like too!I'm with you on loving all things that come along with spring, now if the weather would just cooperate! : )


  4. Your first comment made me laugh! I was swinging with my kiddos the other day and got so dizzy it was embarrassing. I was like, "When did I get so old and boring?" :) And I have arachnophobia as well! Even when they're dead I can't pick them up. I have to get the vacuum and stand as far away as possible!

    Fun in PreK-1
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway! Hop on over!

  5. I totally feel you with the arachnophobia! My son is in kindergarten and brings home "baggy books" most weeknights. Well, he was exposed to the depth of my phobia this week because his baggy book was about real spiders. I tried sooooooo hard but totally couldn't read it to him! How sad is that?! :)

  6. The end of your post made me crack up! I do not have a fear of spiders, so I can kill them NO problem. BUT a kiddo in my class saw a spider on her book a couple weeks ago and she THREW it across the room and screamed. I couldn't really get mad at her because she was truly terrified. :-P We had a talk later about maybe not THROWING it, because we actually couldn't find the spider then... he went airborn I suppose.
    ideas by jivey

  7. Hi, Amanda!
    You so need to make that video! How fun! A had to be tough, but I agree with the creepy crawly one! Enjoy your weekend!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  8. I think we would love to see you making some cool moves and posting a cool video. We can follow after your cool modeling :)
    My Second Sense

  9. In one of my pre-student teaching classes one of my proffesors brought in a special friend for his lesson. Turned out, it was a TARANTULA. And I am with you ( I just got shivers even typing the word!). I sat in the front row and he seemed oblivious to the fact that I sat there, a crying shaking mess, as he paraded that darn spider all over the place. Finally I just left the room. I'm not sure what lesson he was trying to teach that day, other than he was an idiot. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  10. I would LOVE to see your class Harlem Shake video - that would be awesome! If it makes you feel better, I was home last night too!

    Lucky to Be in First

  11. A classroom version of the Harlem Shake would be adorable! I love the font/glow that you used on your Currently, so cute!

    Teaching In Oz

  12. I'm an A too and I had SUCH a hard time coming up with my like/love/hate, too!! Brains are so crazy...if someone told me NOT to think of any words that start with an A, all I'd be able to do is think of A words!! But, tell me to think of just 3 little A words and I go blank. :)

    Happy Teacher Heaven

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  14. You should SOOO do a Harlem Shake video with your class! That would be completely awesome!! :)


  15. Not teaching related at all...but from a former acrylicaholic I can tell you that you can get nice nails. I had acrylics for over 17 years and then a few years ago a really nice woman at a new nail salon suggested that I take off the falsies! I was horrified, but like you didn't like spending the time in the chair. This wonderful woman suggested a product called "Rejuvacote" by Duri. I used it faithfully and my nails have grown in strong and healthy. You have to stick to it, but honestly I have tried other products but nothing worked like this one. Good luck with growing them out...you can do it!

  16. you had me laughing at your arachnid fear...
    we had a pet tarantula one year... her name was Charlie... my class loved her!!! she was super cool :)

    thanks for always linking up :)

  17. I feel your pain about your nails! I too have paper thin nails that split and peel and will not grow. I started with acrylic nails about two years ago. Sometimes I love them and sometimes I do not. It just depends on the application. I did find a nail salon that I like and my tech actually is a good old southerner like myself. We have a good time talking while she works on my nails. I found your blog thru Farley's Currently- and will visit often. I love getting ideas from others!
    Visit me when you have time!


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